Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10.10 Gateway of Love

The gateway of love is here. There have been things written about this 10-10-10 Portal. I get a lot of flow of information from many different sources; some have called it the "divine awakening" the call to reunite with God (our male and female counterparts). Others have called it "The Stairway to Heaven" the upgrading and reconnection of our DNA. While a numerologist states the vibration of 10 as: 1 followed by 0 indicates the column and the circle, meaning the principle of the female and male, and this symbol would refer to the Androgyne nature and also to Jehovah, being at the same time male and female.

My guides are channeling through me this morning and are laughing at the fact that I could have done this writing yesterday instead I am choosing to do this when I need to shower and leave shortly. Oh is what it is and here I am now... so onto the message of the day...

You know exactly why you are here on the planet today. You are so dearly loved for all that your light brings here in this moment. Magic is happening all around you. It is amazing how powerful you can be when you allow it. This gateway is for you to close the door on things that need to end and open a new door to begin the new; to harvest what you truly desire. It sounds really easy when you read the words, but the feelings associated with that simple sentence above invokes the memories, the letting go and the sadness of what feels "lost". But do not dwell, for what is "lost" is an old dream or way of living...what you gain is a new door opening to a new beginning. Allow the excitement of opening a new door to take hold. Allow the anticipation and magical feeling of something new coming your way for it is time. Step closer dear ones for you will soon is a time for all that your channeler cited above...the stairway to heaven, the reconnection of the male and female aspects within you and with out; yes dear ones those ready for their reunion will experience it in the way they can only imagine as of yesterday. The magic is being poured down on this planet. We ask you to make time today to allow the beauty of the earth, the moment and the light to pour down upon you. You ask how? Simply allow ten minutes in your day today to be one with yourself. Only ten minutes will open your energy centers and the gateway of the earth to allow the energy of awakening to love.

In the recent weeks, your channeler has begun listing her days of love as a way to help her stay in the love of it and not forget why she is here and that is why she is working so hard for our earth. Sometimes she forgets to make the sound of her heart louder than the sound of her head and yes sometimes she too forgets her power, but she is being reminded each morning of love. We wish to tell you that her days of love is not only for her; it is a message of light to connect each and everyone of you to your love. It is important to feel it from within for if you do not feel it from within, you cannot feel it with out. Believe in the magic of this moment and this time for you are the creators of this earth going forward. Take care with it and trust always your heart before your heard. Your head will and does play tricks on you, but your heart always knows the truth. We bring you the magic you wish is you. We bring you the love that you is you! With love, honor and respect we bring you this message today. The Masters of Light.

What a fabulous message--it still amazes me and I didn't expect that to come, but it did...thank you beings of light and love!! Regardless of what your belief is about today's energy, I would recommend that you take from it that the entire day is a magical time. My guides are sitting with me this morning and laughing..I could sit and write all day, but instead I am going off to a beautiful hike with our earth Mother today. I just want to say to you all that it is time to find the magic in your life today and enjoy it.

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