Sunday, June 19, 2011

Channeled Message: Behind The Curtain

Channeled Live in Rocky Hill, CT June 19th, 2011 at 10:30 a.m.

Greetings Dear One,

We do have a message for you. We are so proud of you. We love you and we bring you a message of light today. So much dear one is happening "Behind the curtain" in life to manifest and orchestrate that which you desire personally and yet the same thing is happening globally as well. The right time and right space is now. It is the time now only to live empowered lives but to live your truth: you are who you know yourself to be. You are the magic and if you pull back the curtain--you will not find the Wizard of Oz--you will find you. For a long time now in your home, we have asked you all to be conscious of your thoughts for they create your reality. Let us explain this a little more. Your belief systems for many of you are not your own and yet they are. What does that mean, asks EstaRa? It simply means that these belief systems that ride the frequency of the planet are changing. (EstaRa cannot write as fast as the transmission is coming to her; therefore, this channel may be all "over the place"--she did not take her recorder outside on this day so she is handwriting in her journal this message to you. )

Beliefs upon your planet have been orchestrated by only a few, but unfortunately for the human, they have been adopted by the humans as if they are their own. Religions on earth have taught you to have "blind faith" but we tell you that is a distorted truth. Religions wish you to have blind faith and acceptance of their words as truth rather than have you intuit that which is your truth--the real truth. We say that you should have blind faith only when you your spirit self has come to this conclusion not when it has been adapted as your own without true validation from your higher self.

You are creators and you create from your truth. You are members of the family of light and light is your truth. For in that truth you shall see what your truth is and what your beliefs are. Believe us dear ones--as you grow in light your truths/beliefs shall change to a more appropriate adjustment reflecting your true self--your spirit.

Blind faith in this instance is of what you feel and know to be true in your spirit--the human 3D may not reflect it right away; however, you sense it--that is blind faith.

Now religion is not the only source of your false beliefs--your governments and societies are as well. Again these entities were established by a few who created much of what humans believe as a mass whole population. The governments are challenged by the light for as you all know where there is darkness, light will be shed upon it. Much of what humans believes have come from government and societal structure. Just as religions shows an aspect of truth so too does your government and society. Their mission is to organize you, protect you for the whole of society and the greater good. However, that is not what has happened. The system of power and greed has distorted that concept and that proper motivation for the greater good is no longer activated within you (unless you have awakened and began to intuit your truth and shall we say see beyond the curtain) and you allow sources outside of yourself to determine what is for the greatest good and do not listen to the truth within you. When you truly awaken you see, sense and know the truth of the greater good--it doesn't always look the way you have been taught. Dear ones, it is time to look at your truths and re-evaluate your beliefs for you are no longer controlled if you choose not to be.

EstaRa often says to not watch television; however, she herself can understand how many can be caught up in it for the frequency of the television is a frequency put our by your "leaders" in your human world. We will discuss frequency more at a later date.

For today your lesson is that of beliefs. Begin to question the beliefs that you have chosen to accept in this life as "blind faith" for your truth is always trying to find its way to you through feelings, knowings and spiritual guidance. You dear ones are responsible for creating life upon earth that is why we said you are responsible for your beliefs as well. You must know that which you believe in because you "bought" into what was given to you outside of yourself.

Empower yourself from within! Your answers are always within. Question the beliefs that you carry and if they do not resonate with your inner knowing then you need to re-evaluate those beliefs because they are what is creating your reality. You are magnificent beings who simply need to be reminded of your power and light. Once you wake up to this knowledge fully you will help to be the catalyst to heal Gaia and its inhabitants.

It is with love, honor and respect that we bring you this message today.

We are the Masters of Light.

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