Friday, December 31, 2010

Waiting for the Ball to Drop

As I sit here on the eve of the 2011 New Year, I am wondering if I take my nap now so that I can try and stay awake waiting for the ball to drop or if I should stay awake and pray the new year will still come in without me to see the "ball drop" due to a fever and with me falling asleep early because of being sick, Hmmm difficult choice--not really. Waiting for the "ball to drop"? Doesn't that sound ominous? I mean when you "drop a ball" it means you couldn't keep in control of it, it got away from it has prompted me to look up the definition means: If someone drops the ball, they are not doing their job or taking their responsibilities seriously enough and let something go wrong. Hmmm.I think I'd rather start my new year in a different way and not wait for the ball to drop. So maybe it would be a good thing if I don't watch the ball drop rather I sleep through it and wake up in the New Year? That way it is like I bypassed all the shockings of the ball dropping and just go to sleep and wake up in the life I am meant to live? Now that is an idea...I wish that for you all too to wake up in the life you are meant to live--whatever that may be for each and every one of you.

I will ponder that a little more before the next day I am sure...but thank you for bearing with my digression. The interesting thing is that this year, I had intended on not going out this New Year's Eve unless I was with my Twin Soul, Twin Flame, but even then..we probably wouldn't be going out. Besides I wanted to be well rested for my trip to Egypt--and apparently Spirit agreed and had me catch a cold just in time to want to stay in and be okay. I did mention in one of my recent posts that I would talk more about my Twin Flame Journey and I shall in the new year. The one thing that I have been really guided to write about recently was my Twin Flame. Of course, that will be in the new year and I will continue to say Goodbye to 2010 now...

I must say that while I am grateful for the year 2010 coming to a close this evening it really has been a year of many challenges especially in the reliving of old life lessons, but it has been a huge year for spiritual growth and ascension too. Just for the sake of being sure to say good bye to those patterns and boy it wasn't easy for many of them...apparently not only am I good at welcoming in the Resistance, but I am also very good about doing things in a "kicking and screaming manner" thank goodness it was not literal as my roommate would not have liked it. :) 2010 provided us with so many gateways, portals and energetic amalgams that gave us opportunities to finally release that which no longer serves us...I hope you were like me and took the opportunity to do as such for I know how difficult it was and how easy it was to fall prey to the old. I know I didn't blog a lot about that because quite honestly as I was going through it I was going through a tremendous amount of emotions and purging so needless to say writing about it was not what I had in mind. But an example would be that in the months since October the 10:10:10 Gateway...every man I have known/dated returned into my life in one way, shape or another whether through dreams, email, texts, about easy access to me--they had it. It was really weird and tempting to fall back into the pattern and stick with what was known, the comfort zone many call it (really? was it more comfortable? I think it is anything, but a comfortable zone.) But I think people call it the comfort zone because it is the "place" we just learn to do the "dance" in and are resistant to wanting to switch that dance up with some Salsa or the Merengue. It takes consistent effort, love and faith to learn a new "dance". Living in the now and multidimensionaly, I have to say that faith, love and hope are the food for your soul because what I see in my spirit and feel in my hard is constantly being bombarded by what I hear in my head or see in the physical world in front of me. And bombarded not in a good way, is bombardment ever a good way? Quite often visibility is low when in 3D. (sounds like the local weather doesn't it?) But the more you open to your multidimensional self, the more your visibility clears up so think clear vision.

This coming year of 2011 carries with it the vibration of making manifest those dreams you have long been holding onto, the faith you have in the unseen, unspoken places in your heart and the love to carry you forward. Take heart and know that 2011 is the beginning of impossiblities becoming possibilities, but even more becoming realities with lightning like speed. You are each so very loved and treasured for without you this planet would not be able to transition to a new energy vibration and awakened consciousness. Behold dear souls, your new journey is just beginning to take flight...jump on board..the time is now...

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