Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 Days of Christmas ...

Well, the official 12 days of Christmas started yesterday and I decided to get in the holiday spirit, I would create my own version of an old favorite song--you know the one that gets stuck in your head, but you can't always remember the lyrics? Well, I decided since I don't remember the lyrics and I want it to be a full of spirit holiday I would just create my own lyrics...so I am going to post the yesterday and today's lyrics to get you started, but if you want more you have to join my facebook page as a fan of Soul Star Healing...I will add a new lyric each day until Christmas.

Thank you to the vocals and help of my dear friend V and her daughter B. :) We spent the evening singing and confusing and creating the song together. Always good with a little help of my friends.

happy holidays---you don't have to celebrate Christmas to find this song a keeper...anyway, here it goes...

On the first day of Christmas spirit gave to me a healthy dose of self love.
On the second day of Christmas spirit gave to me two souls together and a healthy dose of self love.

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