Friday, December 10, 2010

27 Days to Egypt and Counting

Life has been busy of late. I woke this morning to the thought that I am going to Egypt in less than 30 days--27 days to be exact and yet I have not done any preparations. Not to mention the holiday is coming and I am not prepared. Instead my focus has been on my physical detox that I began before Thanksgiving to finish up on December 15th--just in time to start the holiday celebrating with my friends, students and clients.

I did finally post on Facebook to everyone that I am going to Egypt. I got the word out apparently Mercury that officially goes into retrograde today has been impacting me for two weeks now which tells me it should end two weeks early for me too!! hahaha

There have been so many things that I have been wanting to do and well I plan to do them all--just one step at a time. I plan to write and explain to you all about what Twin Flames are...since most of you have known for some time that I have been in relationship with a Twin Flame and have met him nearly 6 years ago in the physical. So stay tuned for that...

I plan to get back onto my channeling kick--while I may not be channelling on the blog I certainly have had my share of blogging in my classes particularly the Full Moon Class Meditations--those beautiful guides and angels are bound to get through me somehow even if I am not leaving them much time so that should be coming soon...

I plan to blog my journey to Egypt--sharing moments with each one of you along the way...the first funny moment is...when I posted it on my blog someone commented to bring my swimsuit...I thought hmmm...the one I have is way too big..have to get a new I went shopping the other and picked it up...the only item that is set for my trip is a swimsuit. Boy do I have work to do...hahaha

Ok off to start my is really cold out here in CT the last couple of days...can we get some warmth this way? Just saying a lil warmth today will go a long way.

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