Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Resistance is the Word for the day


This has been such a marvelous journey and I haven't even begun the adventure yet. What I do know and realize is that the adventure began the day I booked my flight to Cairo. It isn't what one would call fantastic and amazing.

I haven't had time to really think about my trip or plan it. I used to be such a planner...I remember if I was going on a trip to Florida...I would know well in advance and have everything laid out on the sofa to pack and now I think about my trip to Florida earlier this year...booked the flight the day before and packed that morning. What does that mean? Does it mean that I just no longer need to plan? Spontaneity has gotten the best of me? Or does it mean I am trusting my spirit to take me where I need to go next.

I feel the answer is more complex than that. I feel like I am trusting spirit to bring me to where I need to go next, I mean I wouldn't even be doing this journey if I didn't trust my spirit. But I feel/fear there is more at play than just trusting my spirit--ambivalent feelings that popped up recently has more to do with Resistance than anything else.

I can name immediately several times that I felt this resistance/ambivalence... I often resist that which is good for me...which is something we all do. The one thing I can say is that often I look back on these times as tremendous opportunities for growth and experience things that catapult me forward further into the light. Well...9 days to go and the journey is about to begin...

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