Saturday, December 4, 2010

Egypt is Calling and I AM Answering.

It is official--I am going to Egypt in January 2011. I am so excited. I hardly know where to begin.

The truth is that it is very exciting and scary at the same time. I just woke up this morning and realized that I am going to Egypt in 33 days--OMG! This all happened so fast...can you believe it? I can hardly believe it!! It seems all so surreal, but the trip plans were just finalized on Thanksgiving Day. In just 33 days I will be boarding the plane from JFK to Cairo. It has long been my dream to travel to Egypt and lo and behold I am going.

It all really started in the fall of 2009. I began feeling like I need to go to Egypt. What does that mean? I just felt the pull. I feel the pull to go to Israel too, but not as strong as the pull to Egypt. In January of 2010, I did my list of things that I wanted to manifest—going to Egypt was one of them. In April, I took a weekend away alone. It was very peaceful and yet, I had lots of emotions. I met this woman that I instantly connected with and she and I started talking about Egypt and I told her that I longed to go there. When I returned home she immediately sent me emails about a trip to Egypt. I looked at it and felt that it would have been a good trip it was set to go for October 2010, but it didn’t really resonate fully with me and then there is the issue of money. However, by way of this woman’s email I found another site with a woman channeling the Pleiadians and I resonated immediately. I found that she was hosting a Sacred Egypt trip and knew this is the person I wanted to travel with. I instantly felt like that is who I want to study with on my trip to Egypt. I felt it so clearly in July; however, I just brushed it off like I would make a decision in November like November would be magical. (Mind you I had forgotten that I told myself that I would make a decision in November until three days after I finalized the plans). The thing is November came and I hadn’t thought much about it since I pushed it aside in July. I don’t have that kind of money so I said no big deal. thing let to email came through from an online group I belong to that linked to this woman's website..and there it was in my face again--Sacred Egypt trip only two spaces left. I contact her and tested the universe...I said if she responds to me quickly that means I should go. Then I continued to keep testing until finally, I went and booked my flight. So here it is 33 days to go and counting.

My intention is to have a truly transformative, spiritual experience and to share it with all of you...if I can figure out how to blog while away. Thanks to a dear friend, I am going to borrow a netbook to take with me which would be so awesome since it weighs several pounds less than my tv size laptop. hahaha

Any way...spirit is calling and I am going to go an answer!

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