Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Channeled Message: Balance

Inspirational Snippet: Balance

I was prompted by my guides to share this channel from 2011, the information in this channel is very appropriate for these times.

Channeled in Middletown, CT on Friday, March 4, 2011 through EstaRa April and transcribed on this day.
Greetings Dear Ones,
We have a message for you. EstaRa has given you many messages this evening from us. We had to
tell her that it is important to tell you to stay balanced. Balance is key in this lifetime of yours. Your 3D is changing rapidly much will be crazy in your terms. However it need not be for you. If you choose it will be light and love that is a path you must choose if you wish. However you may choose chaos and fear that is a path you may choose if you wish to as well. That would be okay we love you still. Many of you are tired. Many of you are tired from your journey it has been a difficult one dear ones. But you would not have been chosen for this journey had you not been warriors of the light before you came to this earth time and space. We tell you this to remind you to activate your light. Activate your light every day and carry it wherever you will go. It is simple to do… calling light into your time and space wherever you go it will follow you and bring to you what you need to prevail in the places that are dark. Many places you travel are dark , dark we tell you is simply lack of light. It is not fearful and is not to be feared. It is just lack of light and you dear ones will bring your light. Do not be afraid dear ones. We know dear ones that many times you are afraid of your own light.

WE will give you a sense at this moment of peace. We ask you to close your eyes and feel within you a peaceful space connect within. We are sending out to you from the heart center of EstaRa, we are sending out to you LOVE. Feel it within your hearts dear one, LOVE. Imagine if you wish a sailboat on the water. The water is rough and restless. But the sailboat goes with the flow of the water. That can be you the sailboat gliding on the ocean of waves that move back and forth rushing but you dear ones will be the peaceful sailboat on the oceans of life. See that at this moment, see you as the sailboat and know inside what that feels like for you. If you allow yourself to feel this at this moment then you will discover that you have all that you need to ride out the storm that we call the final wave of awakening. We call it the storm because it will bring much with it ..it will be quick and it could be destructive but it does not have to be. For some it may be if a solid foundation is not what you have in your life then it can be destructive for it will take away all that is not built upon a solid foundation. It is important that you find within you a solid foundation. It is the key in this storm. The tools you have been learning are all for you to build upon so that you have that solid foundation—again we tell you it is the key in this storm.

You are warriors of light and you will withstand this storm. Your journey is just beginning. Your work has already begun you have the tools within you to withstand any storm that comes upon this earth. There is no need to fear. You are not alone we are with you always. We are watching over your earth we are watching all beings on earth. We are making sure that you are safe and protected. Lightworkers you are loved and are needed now. The earth beings need you now. The earth needs you now. We activate light within each and every one of you. The key word for you this evening is trust in your journey and have faith in all that you are doing. Trust. Too much doubting happens upon your earth look within your answer are there . The doubt only comes from fear. Stay in love==love is balance. Love is light ==Love is what you are. Love is the essence of you.

It is with great love, honor and respect that we bring you this message. We love you dear ones.
We are the Masters of Light.

Love to you,

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