Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Energy Thoughts: Dress Rehearsal Has Ended

Good Morning Everyone,

Well--snow day yesterday and blue skies and sun today! Today feels magical already, I don't know what is in store, but perhaps something big--but it feels good. The energy feels lighter than I have felt, waves of light have been pushing down upon the planet since the 15th of January. When waves of light come in, does it all get better you ask? Or you may be asking why doesn't it get better?
The quick short answer is: Light shines upon darknesss. It reveals what has been hidden. The more light that enters, the more that becomes unveiled.  Do not fear the waves of light that may make things uncomfortable, it is only bringing up that which needs to be seen/heard/felt.  It even shows us the dust bunnies hidden away in the corner. 

A lot has transpired over the last couple of weeks, in fact, so much so that the world appears upside down.  The actions taken in the last couple of weeks have been extreme and have catapulted us into drama and fear as the energy. While this discomfort is playing out on a grander scale such as in the United States and more globally, it is necessary at this time.  Why does it have to be this way?  My guides explain as this:  Would you feel a pebble fall upon your head?  Would you notice it? Not likely. As a matter of fact, pebbles have been dropped upon your head and just brushed off as if they would not make a mess.  A mess they have made as you have had to step over them, work around them and move them, but they have never been gone. (read: continuation of more of the same--no change.)    Unfortunately, the proverbial brick had to be dropped on their head.  (read: an extreme Presidential Administration doing outrageous action that are not in alignment with the American Constitution, but also out of alignment of the new paradigm we are trying to create as a unified planet.)

What is happening/playing out in America is in direct relation to the fact that for so long people (read: Americans particularly with regard to this post) have been in a slumber some of it most certainly induced by society/media/powers that be, but a larger part is due to the fact many have not begun to look inside for their power. They have often been programmed to look outside for their answers and have aligned their truth to that which is in their physical reality when in fact, their internal truth is what is real.~Galactic Federation of Light  (read: the vast majority needs/needed a wake up call.) 
The extreme is being played out right now and it is up to us to make it into a balance.   If we didn't
have this extreme, would there be any reason to wake up, take action and make changes.   The last several years we have been undergoing a massive shift on this planet; we are moving into a higher dimensionsional reality and shifting human consciousness from where is has been trapped (fear/violence/control/manipulation) to one where all beings can live in harmony  (love/peace/compassion/unity).  The dress rehearsal is over, we are being called to play our part.  Step up dear ones, step up.

Our suggestion for you at this time dear ones is to come into balance individually first.  (read: this is why the emphasis is on making you a priority and learning to navigate you more broadly)  Once you have mastered living as human in balance, then you can help others.  We ask you to look into your hearts, discern your truth from the earth energies, and go forward from there; for your reality will show you a different view. ~Galactic Federation of Light    

(read:  Do what you can to maintain your vibrational frequency and increase it as much as you can.  Clear yourself daily.  Check out this post for more information on daily clearing.  Surround yourself with like minds.    Learn some form of quieting your mind, traditional meditation is simply one way.  There are many ways to bring ourselves into a balance.)  

We have a choice right now on this planet, we are creating our direction in every breath we take, every decision we make, every thought we think and every feeling we feel.  Check this post out for more information from the Arcturian Masters of Light.  Yes, we have that much power, our interconnectedness has been growing since 2011 and it will continue to ripple outward more vastly in the coming years.  We can choose to do the same things that has played out over and over again on our planet: such as violence, anger, fear, etc.  Remember that is only one way to move forward because we most certainly have gleaned some bits of light and wisdom from those past experiences to choose differently.  No matter what we choose, we do so by our actions. Not only is our voice louder when we are together, our unity is what can turn darkness into light. 

No more dress rehearsal, put on your best love warrior, light bearer tools and step forward.  The love revolution is on.

With Love,

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