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Q&A: Why Clear Your Energy Field and Feel Your Feelings?

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I've decided to put together some blogs based on questions I receive. I receive so many daily and you all wonder why I don't get back to you right away?  hahaha Well, that is because I am very thoughtful in my answers and try to respond to everyone. :)   So I will be likely posting more blogs to be sure the information gets out because I often get the same question asked of me more than once and well I think the guidance should be shared. Onto the questions:

There seems to be more Dark Energies than before, why? 

Dark energies take on many forms interdimensionally.  With all the fear on the planet, much of the dark energies are running rampant.   They are flying around many of us at this time.   Due to much of the Energy Shifts that are occurring, more energy is being freed up from your field--kicked up to the surface for you to release and let go of permanently.  Don't be fearful or upset, in fact, be happy--this is a massive opportunity to let go of things that have been holding you back in this life, perhaps lifetimes.  This is why it is really important to clear your energy field of all negativity and raise your vibration.

Why Clear Your Energy Field and Feel Your Feelings?

They feed off Fear.  Fear creates negative emotions, and those negative emotions are quite appetizing to the realm of darkness.   

What does that mean?

It means that if you are not feeling your feelings, it is time to start feeling them; particularly if you have become adept at stuffing feelings then this is something you will need to pay attention too.  Suppressed feelings/emotions creates an opening and a way that astral entities, dark energies, negative beings find their way to you--the energy hangs inn your aura like a cloud and it attracts these beings.  You know how we see a lighthouse and think of it as a beacon of light?  Well, negativity/pain/anger/frustration/suffering/sadness and drama act in the same way, they draw those particular beings to you.      For example:  are you familiar with the phrases: "Never Let Them See You Sweat", "Boys Don't Cry" or "Good Girls Don't Get Angry".   Just a few examples of where we may have learned to suppress our feelings.

The emotions reside in your auric field waiting to be felt; meanwhile dark energies are drawn to you and amplify the feelings.  For example: You may be wondering why you can't get out of your own way?  Well that is because the dark entities are there making sure you continue to feel what you are feeling so you will continually feed the entities hanging around.  Or if you find that something that on the surface wasn't really a big deal, but it has spiraled you into a angrier place--the same thing applies.  These entities love to create havoc in your life because it keeps them fed and they are always hungry for more I like to say.

How can I help this ?

Here are few things to do:

1. Grounding: I recommend to perform a daily grounding to help clear your energy and connection to Gaia (earth). It will strengthen your connection to Gaia and help you be more present in your life.

2. Cut Cords:  At bedtime, I would ask that you call on Archangel Michael to help cut cords between you and all the people you interacted with in your day. I would say to really spend the time on this especially if there was any kind of upsetting moments with anyone in particular.  Remember we exchange energy with everyone we meet and I feel that it would be beneficial to not leave attachments there that can get in the way. Cut cords even with people you thought of, particularly if it was upsetting in anyway.  And, if you are a twinflame, by all means cut any cords of negativity between you and your twin daily.  Unfortunately, our thoughts and words are not always out of love and if you are on this twinflame journey then you will know that which I speak of.  It isn't that we are speaking out of anger--more often than not we are speaking out of frustration for not hearing from our twin, etc.  An example would be: What is his problem?  Believe me your beloved hears this and it registers somewhere in his/her energetic field.  

3. Feel your Feelings: Every time you feel an emotion recognize that just because you squash it or push it away, doesn't mean that it isn't in your field waiting to not only be felt, but to feed any negative entities that may be hungry so to speak.  This is an easy task once you get into the habit of it; however, if you are one who has spent a great deal of time suppressing the pain and emotions then you it might feel a little heavier than normal, but the result is the same--you will be free of that emotion. 

4. Raise Your Vibration: This will make it easier for you to move through these feelings/emotions/habits that much easier.   Run light through your energy field every day.  Meditate.  Receive Light Infusuions/Energy Body Upgrades.

 Here is something I wrote several years ago about Emotions, but I feel it bears repeating now:

"Feeling things is a human right. There are people living today that suppress feelings as a part of their daily life. A healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy mind. We are humans with an enormous wide range of feelings, it’s important to know what you focus on will grow. Always prioritize your feelings, know that you are important." --Ben Arion

I love this quote because it speaks to something I often speak of....how we are supposed to feel our feelings.  We are given such a beautiful array of emotions; therefore that alone tells me we are supposed to allow ourselves to feel otherwise we would not be given the emotions even the ones we call bad....like Anger, like Jealousy, like Fear....on the other end of the spectrum we are also given emotions that appear to some as too good to be true...like Bliss, like Freedom, like Safety, like Worthy...I could go on and on with all kinds of emotions, but the simple truth is that it is okay to feel our feelings. It is okay to be in the moment with what we feel. 
What is not okay is if we stay stuck in those feelings and not allow ourselves to feel the others. Sometimes people only want to feel the happiness because that way they can project that (but know speaking as an intuitive being in touch with her truth and her feelings--what is really projected is what they are trying to hide--truth is always seen)..Sometimes people want to feel only that one feeling so much so that they reach for distractions, addictions to "maintain" that feeling, but in truth they are doing a disservice to themselves and others around them for many reasons, not just the obvious. Some may feel that it is okay because it helps them through their "troubled times",  what it is really doing is prolonging the inevitable and keeping the person stuck.   Some allow themselves to get numb and not allow themselves to feel anything but a minimal amount of emotion that is often disguised as a low level of depression.  It is an interesting conundrum that people experience when it comes to depression...they can feel sad for a long time as they work hard not to feel that which is inevitably present or they can feel sad for a short time while working through that situation/emotion.  I know I am simplifying it, but the truth is that it can all disappear when the emotions are expressed and not suppressed.

A final thought about the quote above, when the author states: "it is important to know what you focus on will grow". That is truth, but what I'd like to connect for you is how that refers to not allowing yourself to feel. It takes all kinds of energy and "skill" at avoiding something, does that not mean you are focusing on it? To me that means you put more focus on it than if you simply allowed the emotions to come through you. If the emotions come through, they are felt, released and done with. Emotions are an expression of who you are in any given moment...we are all of it...the good, the bad and the indifferent.

This is just a brief bit of information to help you along on your journey.  Obviously this topic is much more detailed and vast than I can go into here, but please know I would be happy to help you on your journey.  Feel free to contact me for a Healing/Clearing Session or to purchase a Grounding Meditation that includes running light.  Or purchase an Energy Body Upgrade/Light Infusion that I offer twice a month.   You can contact me at april@soulstarhealing.com.

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