Friday, August 8, 2014

Quick Snippet on Lion's Gate 8-8.

Quick Snippet on Lion's Gate 8-8.

It's 8-8, the Lion Gate is's been moving in since the end of July and boy did I feel a full force yesterday morning when I woke up.  This energy is intense, but I find it intense in a good way. :)  This energy carries such amazing vibration and frequency; and you will be downloaded with codes to upgrade your DNA, upgrade your light body and provide an energetic blueprint for the year ahead.  If you are local join me this evening at Soul Star Healing  as we gather together to anchor these energies within ourselves and the earth.  In addition to the Lion's Gate we have a full moon rising in the next couple of days. Intense energy like this can throw some people off causing stress/irritation/fear; so you may experience it personally or encounter it with others. Remember to stay hydrated, grounded and breathe.   A wallop of energy coming our way so stay true to you. Have a great 8-8 and celebrate we are raising the our vibration as well as the Earth's.  Love to you all.  Happy Friday!

See you on the other side of this portal with an Energy Update.

Blessings and love

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