Monday, August 11, 2014

Energy Thoughts: Egyptian Energy Rolling In

Good Monday Morning Everyone. 

Just coming off a weekend of magical energies with the 8-8 Lion's Gate Energy rolling into my awareness clearly on the 7th and welcoming this full moon.  Friday, I spent time with friends outside in nature for connection and meditation.  Just a reminder that when "big" energy comes to the planet, the best place to be is in nature preferably sitting on grass to help anchor and balance the vibrational shifting that is taking place in your body as the energy pours in.  (A beautiful little fairy friend, Win-Kel came by for a brief visit on Friday to remind me of such.)  

I have to admit that after the intense meditative afternoon, I was a bit exhausted, but I knew I could not let the Lion's Gate get away without Smudging my space and utilizing this energy to clear my space and re-charge my portal of light in my home.  Before the clearing began, The Goddess Sekhmet appeared to me to provide assistance as I cleansed.  My friend and I did an amazingly deep clearing and then lay within the portal for the purpose of absorbing the new energies.  During my receptive mode, I allowed myself to receive downloads/transmissions from Egypt.  I got amazing visions of the light beaming into the Great Pyramid in Giza and transferring over to the Sphinx and spreading through the planet through the eyes of the Sphinx. It was quite a miraculous vision and quite the physical body sensations as the energy made its way sweeping across the planet.  Oh, how I love the Egyptian Energies and how grateful I am to have been there and always able to access them.  Just before coming out of meditation, the Beloved Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet appeared before me once again.  She reminded me of our agreement made in Egypt back in January of 2011.  (If you have been following my blog for sometime you will remember my blog posts from my Egypt trip with lots of information on Sekhmet. If you haven't been reading it that long or have not read my Egypt posts, I highly recommend you take some time to read about the magical experience I had and why it is still so profound this much time later and it is a great way to get to know me.) Back to Sekhment, her name is from the word Sekhem which means power and might. She is a powerful goddess in Egypt depicted with the a lion head and female body. She appeared to me and said, "I gift you now with courage, will power and determination. I bring to you and all within your sphere of influence the majestic light of the Lion's Gate and assist them on their journey with courage, will power and determination."  Needless to say, I felt completely honored and in awe of this beautiful being.  Then the evening was done and I barely got a wink of sleep with all the energy pulsing through me and the downloads into my field. 

Now, this morning  I was sitting here at the computer getting ready to type today's message on my Soul Star Healing fan page and I was hijacked by my guides, the Arcturian Masters of Light, and they brought forth a mini message for you for today. Please read it below and "bask" in the energy of it. (the energy holds immense emanations of love and light!) So it shall be. 

Today's Message: Bask in the energy that surrounds you today. It is your power coming back to you. Reclaim your place in humanity as the majestic being of love that you are. Your light is so bright, you are an eternal sun unto yourself. You are what you have been waiting for--each of you sparkles with the divine and simply being present in your life will create all the miracles that you have long desired. The time has come dear ones, for the new earth is and will unfold exactly as it is meant to. We tell you this on this day for you to begin to take action upon the things you value most in life. That will set the stage for what is to come into reality for you. It is with deep love, honor and respect that we bring this message to you today through EstaRa. We are the Masters of Light.

I share all of this experience with you for you to know that Ancient Egyptian energy is here at this time to assist us all.  I believe clearly that my guides are asking you to discover; that is, if you have not already found what it is you value most in this life because that is what will remain/grow/expand/become your focus. With all the energy of the Lion's Gate, you are "roaring" to go. (Yes, my humor Lion's Gate, lion's roar. hahaha)  The energy is ready for you to take action in your life, but  where do you begin?  So much information coming in on overload, perhaps for some of us as a result of the Lion's Gate, for others they are just all over the place and haven't tapered down to what they value most yet.  This full moon energy is kicking with manifestation power, but it is begging you to balance your energy/thoughts/beliefs/truths.  This is what my guides were referring to when they said, "begin to take action upon the things you value most in life." For example: if you want to feel well, then focus on your well-being not your unwell being and begin to take steps in that direction.  Start learning about how you can better care for yourself, pay attention to the signs the universe is showing you and by all means realize that the power lies in your hands, not the doctors, not other people, not family, not friends, but YOU!  Once you clearly decide what it is you want to "heal", then the universe will provide what you need to move you from "unwell to well".  It sounds easy, I know, but the truth remains that each of you/us has the power to change everything and anything in this new earth reality that we are moving into (have been moving into).  Finally,  our earth will become the place that each of us has been holding inside as the truth for so long. (I will speak for me---YES FINALLY!)  It will be easy for some of us who have been living it for sometime now, while others may have to play a little catch up.  Be kind to your fellow human, they may be playing catch up.  Think twice before getting angry or short with the human you are dealing with on the phone/in person/in a car/etc--they may be playing catch up!  It would benefit you far more to be kind and try to understand before putting out the angry/short/frustrated energy  because those feelings put out a lower vibration, whereas being kind puts out more heart energy and a higher vibration. 

Our realities are changing if you are not already living it, then it is time for you to begin to see the magic that the earth holds for you.  The changes will begin to pick up pace now, with the advent of the September Equinox, things will really begin to move to a place where it feels like everything is different and yet the same.  Some of us have experienced glimpses of it already, and whoa, it was a little confusing, if not unbalancing at first.  It is all good from where I stand on this journey.  Unbalancing isn't always a negative thing; rather it is a good reminder to be present.   

Well that is all I will explore with you for today, but might I make a few suggestions that my guides are providing me with. 

  • Remain grounded--it is so necessary at this time  to anchor the energies.  During this time of rapid change on the planet, our very beings (auras and physical bodies) have become receptacles of some of the negative energies we encounter day to day, place to place, experience to experience and grounding into Gaia is how the light pushes it through us out into the earth for Mother Earth to transmute it all to Love energy.  (HUGE reminder to all my clients/students that I sound like a broken record to--Ground everyday at least once if not more than once a day!)   
  • Remain hydrated--it is really important to drink plenty of fresh, filtered or spring water.  It is a way we can keep our physical vehicle (body) clean and healthy while we work as transmuters of energy. It is a job that we each took on when we remembered we are the light to heal ourselves and the earth.
  • Remain in your heart--for all decisions look to your heart for the answers. It is not a time for going into our heads--we've been there and done that and look where it took humanity?  Look to your heart when you are confronted with decisions from what you should buy at the grocery store to how to speak your truth to someone who may have hurt you.  
  • Remain CALM-- I like this one that came in just now.  C is for remembering to find calm and at peace daily.  A is for align with your truth and balance daily.  L is for Live your life in the present moment.  M is for Manifest from your heart.
Enjoy your day, dear beautiful souls and expand yourself into a higher consciousness every chance you get. 

In love and service,

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  1. Love it!! I posted this at 11:22---magical numbers! So excited!