Monday, July 21, 2014

Energy Thoughts: Huge, Rapid Transformation Begins

Good Monday to you!

I started writing this energy update last week, but never quite got around to finishing it.  Do you feel it? We are in transition still, but this time I feel we will begin to see the fruition of long awaited movement.  Have you been feeling stuck and in immovable molasses? That is how I would describe how it has felt for me especially in the last week or so.  Last Wednesday afternoon, I began to feel a shift coming in and a wonkyness to the energy. The wonkyness felt to me like a cloud/fog where you know you are moving forward, but you can't quite see what's ahead yet, so you move along slowly. Now, as I type this, I am laughing and thinking, "slowly?"  The last few weeks, as Mercury began moving direct, seem to have flown by and yet, I can honestly say we have been being cautious, moving slowly forward with a touch of risk taking here and there, for good measure.

Well, with the advent of this past week, that is beginning to all change, the wonkyness has dissipated and I feel clarity getting ready to settle in. I get this image of a feather slowly, but softly falling onto the earth. It is a softening of the energy as it begins to integrate into our day to day lives.  What a pleasure for energy to be gentle for a change?

From my last report, my guides told me that July 18th would be a significant day.  Did anyone experience something significant or understand what the meaning is?  Personally, I had  no profound signs/messages, but I did have a beautiful day with some beautiful people; helping a friend with her wedding vows and helping another friend find inspiration at an Arts Festival (the friend at the Arts Festival--very talented--she just needs a kick in the butt.) But nothing spectacular on the EstaRa/April front.  But now that it is Monday, I can look back over the weekend and can tell you that I feel the wonkyness gone, I was extremely productive on Saturday and Sunday and today, well I have a list of to do's. (That is if I get my butt out of the house and start doing them, but first I felt I should be writing this to all of you!) 

Over the next several weeks fully into the month of August, I feel rapid change will take place.  Can you see the distinct differences between those people locked into 3rd Dimensional Reality (you will see these people, spinning their wheels or running the hamster wheel) and those embracing the new paradigms of the 5th Dimensional Reality (you will see these people grounded with moments of bliss and lightness)?  I have and it seems the separation of belief systems is stronger, forcing each of us to choose our truth.  I can clearly tell you that I made my decision long before 2012 arrived and I knew that my truth is in the new paradigm.  It is our soul's truth, whether we know/believe it or not!   The new paradigm begins with healing ourselves.  Long ago, I wrote the following sentence and I meant it back in 2004, but it is something people would be more receptive to hearing in 2014.  Read and think about it.  (It is listed in all my brochures.)

My belief is that healing for our planet and its inhabitants must  begin individually; we must look within to heal ourselves for if we do not know what peace within is then how can we know what world peace is."
 That is exactly what the shift is about.  Shifting from looking outside yourself for all the answers to knowing that all answers are inside you!  The new paradigm will change the way you see everything:  relationships/love/career/money/peace/truth.  This new energy brings enlightenment where your world will be enlightened and enlivened with the source of all that is:  LOVE!  We are in a most important time on this planet, where the few (wayshowers/path pavers/first wavers) become the many and transform the very way humanity will coexist with other species on and off planet.  Humans you are "growing up" and realizing that fighting  for your toys (materials/money/power/land) is no longer how you will play. The vision I am seeing is two little boys fighting in a sandbox over the dump truck, really? Apparently, that is how humanity is viewed from other worlds; as if we are children fighting over toys like a two year-old would.  Do we really want to live that way?  Now, we can't blame ourselves fully for we were taught that by our parents (ancestors through the systems put in place). There were and are several "systems" (religion/government/financial/societal) in place to make sure we know the game we are playing and what our role is.  But what we can and should take responsibility for is that we are growing up, and with that comes growing pains (that is the changes we must make to feel whole and complete within ourselves).  We have to wake to our truth.  Remember as a child you thought you knew everything? Now, remember that you realized you didn't and you had to figure things out on your own?  Well that is what the awakening is.  It is time to see that we no longer have to play that game, the sandbox is big enough for both of us, we can share the dump truck; and hey, we may even build a better place to live too!   The old rules no longer apply. (and when they do, it is only because we have bought into them and still believe in them.)  In the new paradigm, we see that war is not the answer, peace is; we see that hate is not the answer, love is; we see that separation is not the answer, unity is. The tenants of our new paradigm are peace, love and unity.  Sounds like an old hippie saying, well get used to it, the new hippie's are here and they are not using drugs to get their answers, instead they are using their hearts!  When one's words/thoughts/feelings/truths are backed by the heart, know that nothing is impossible.  

We are in a time of huge, rapid transformation where anything can happen. While some may err on the side of caution when I say "huge, rapid transformation", I will choose to err on the side of "I EXPECT MIRACLES".   My advice to you is to keep shining and keep believing in your dreams and the possibility of the impossible coming to you now. Dreams do come true when you least expect prepared! You may find out find out someone is getting divorced/married/quitting their job/moving out of the country/leaving the financial security behind.  You may even see people who you never thought would believe, let alone be open to "xyz", start talking about "xyz".  Just a few examples of the unexpected coming to fruition. Remember when you were a kid and your mom told you to always have clean underwear on because you never know. (in my case, it was if there were a car accident --why? I don't know. By the way I had a car accident, and well, it really doesn't matter because the last thing you are thinking about is whether or not you have clean underwear on. lol) While you can't really prepare for shocks/surprises, you can put on your clean, best panties for this endeavor in expectation of the best to come, because this is the time of truth/love coming to you unexpectedly/or expectedly for some and you'd want to be prepared, right? lol

In love, laughter and light,

Feel free to share this energy update as long as you give credit to me as the author.  EstaRa (April D’Amato). ©

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