Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Finally, A New Year Message!

Happy New Year dear friends and family, angels and aliens alike.  It has been a great blessing for me to close the year of 2013.  I have gone through much on my journey this past year with the car accident, incompetent or just lazy doctors, fears of money and such.  While the journey continues to be a bit of a challenge, I know on some level I did sign up for it.  I don't know exactly how the future will go, but I do know that I am grateful to say that I put much behind me.  As I travel the ladder of ascension, it occurs to me that so many things have to change.  While we all want to be in the love and joy (most are not feeling it), the truth remains we can never just be in the love and joy without helping to change the things that no longer work for humanity.   We came here to shine, we came here at this time on the planet to move forward human consciousness.  It isn't by accident that you chose to incarnate at this hour on planet earth. It was a choice to come and free the earth's inhabitants from the limitations of living 3D.  We are in the age of the pioneer and you thought that term referred to the old American prairie. This energy is about to rock your world, if hasn't already been doing so. 2014 is the year that you can begin to change everything you no longer like. 

With the advent of 2013, I discovered how important it is to have boundaries with family, friends and clients. I also learned that spreading love to the world is my way of living (it has always been, but I discovered that no matter what that truly is my job) and then on February 14 (the well-known day of love), I was in a car accident; that literally caused me to stop, stay still and learn.  I've still not been back to myself in many ways in terms of my physical reality: haven't had much of a social life, haven't been able to be my fully active self and  in truth, I spend most of my time in my bed because lying down is the most comfortable position for my body. While I may not have been out in the world like I was pre-accident, I experienced ,much over the past year.  I learned many things as a result of my car accident of 2013 about myself and about people in my life.

To name a few things I experienced and learned in 2013 (or relearned), there is no particular order there.  They are simply thoughts that came to me as I started writing this.

I learned who my friends were and who were just there for the ride until my life stopped.  I learned that people don't like to face the truth they would rather look outside themselves for their joy.  I learned that always being independent I needed this experience to show me how to ask for help.  I learned that I need people. I learned that yes I am scared, but I learned there are things I cannot change and I'd much rather focus my energy on things I can.  I learned that connection to another is of utmost important in a world where separation is so prevalent. I learned that people prefer that I pretend I was fine rather than see the truth of a dysfunctional medical system.  I learned what I had already known, but didn't realize how much worse it had gotten.   I learned that doctors do not listen to you, medicine is what is destroying our bodies, insurance is really not a benefit as it has been promoted to be.  I learned that not having insurance is nearly the same as having state insurance. I learned that firing a doctor is freeing. I learned that no one will speak up for you in the way you can. I learned that I often know more than the doctors do simply because I listen to my body. I learned that there really is no help out there for you if you don't have friends and family.   I learned that if you are incapacitated in a way you can not speak or understand information that you must have someone you can trust to help you. I learned that money seems to be everyone's priority and yet I learned that throughout all of my trials and tribulations it still has not become my priority. Oh ya, I'm not living well--in fact I am struggling a great bit, but it is still not a priority. I learned that I have no money because my motivation has always been to help regardless if someone could afford it or not. I learned that a true healer is one that focuses more on the healing than the money.   I learned that the system we (as American government) have in place is no longer for the people and I question exactly how long has it not been for the people. I learned tolerance and compassion for people who were not like me.  I learned that I prefer to have people sharing my values and beliefs surrounding me. I learned that just because I learned something at a young age that it is okay to question it.  I learned that standing up for those you love is more important than watching injustice or abuse happen. I learned that you must question everything.  I learned that we must see ourselves as the ones who are here to change the world.  I learned that breathing in peace is a miracle. I learned that my head was no longer quiet like before the accident. I learned again how to quiet my mind and start over again. I learned that pure, unconditional love is possible. I learned that magic happens every moment that we breathe if we let it. I learned that facing your truth is so much easier when you realize you are always learning. I learned how powerful I truly am.  I learned that blessings come in a great many sizes and in a great many ways.  I learned that greatest problem facing humanity is fear.  I learned that fear is perpetuated by the world outside of us.  I learned that everything that causes a problem to the world is traceable back to fear.  I learned that no matter what we must take back our power, first on a personal level, then on a local level and then expand it globally. 

2014 is shaping up to be the year that we can do it.  The astrology is on our side.  Planetary alignments are such that you have began to shed your skin down to the bear bottom or continued to do so in 2013.  Now, in 2014, it is time to expand that out to your community, where are the injustices?  It is now time to stand together, unite with others of like mind and begin to make it happen. If you are interested in doing this and want to come together with like minds, I am going to ask you to contact me, no matter where you are.  Let me know what your focus is, what your voice wants to speak and what path you wish to take and I will connect you with others just like you!   I would like to gather together with others that are willing to stand up for themselves and those who have no voice.  I want to give empowerment to the paths that we must take. I want to give voice to the change we wish to be.  It is time that we learn that we are the ones we have been waiting for and that we are the ones that have the power to create the world we wish to see. 

PS Sorry for the late New Year Message, but things have been a little delayed and it feels that time is pushing forward. There are many other things I've learned, but  most importantly to me is that I learned how to be neutral in a time when nothing in my life is particularly neutral or in the world for that matter.

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