Friday, February 7, 2014

Energy Thoughts: Guidance from the Heart

I know it has been months since the last Energy Thoughts I had written.  There is so much that I have witnessed and experienced over the last few months.  First let me begin by saying, so glad 2013 is over!  Oy Vey (words from my twinflame), what a year it was!  2013 was anything but easy!  Like most people I endured a great deal of pain, change and struggle, and while mine was due to the car accident others had a collision with their reality.  The course that they were on was getting a shift/correction. 

2013 is over and we are glad of it, but unfortunately for some the energy will carry into 2014 for wiping slates clean especially if you didn’t heed the call in 2013 to clean house and for some that was literally.  All the steps you did not make forward in 2013, its okay because the beginning of 2014 is all about guiding you now to make those steps.  Unfortunately, the longer you wait the more your feet are in taffy.  (As I am typing I am getting a visual of someone standing on blue taffy trying to get their foot off the ground, but they can’t they keep getting stuck.  Yes, the visual thing is a gift that has expanded post accident—and well, my twinflame is really awakened now because he is having intuitive experiences and he is all about the visual so with his etheric unblocking I see more now too!)   The words that come to mind as I type this are Don’t Hesitate!  Don’t wait a second longer to do what you’ve been wanting to(must)  do.  Be sure of it, but most of you have been tossing the ideas around for so long that it is almost a done deal—oh well it would be if you step into it in the NOW.   

Since the advent of 2014, I have been feeling like there is an inner me, ready to run!! Ready to fly high and move faster, meanwhile an outer me is still not physically healed, but my optimism is coming back again (hadn’t seen it in quite some time).  Does it sound familiar?  That there is an inner part of you ready to move (run) forward?  This is how the other half  is living if you are not from the category above “awaiting the right time” to step out of the taffy.  For us folks, waiting and ready to run (the image I am being shown is that of a baton race.  The runner at the start line waiting to get the baton is ready, leaning forward  waiting, waiting, waiting even be held back with someone’s hand hold them back at their chest/heart.  Hmmm what an image. I see it as being very much the heart is ready to move forward, but something has arrived/happened yet for you to fully go forward with your heart’s desire).  Well if this isn’t an image I have seen/experienced over the last 4 years of my life. Hahaha  Anyway, I feel like this Mercury Retrograde is about keeping us true to our heart—not jumping the gun so to speak. (More about Mercury Retrograde next Energy Update.) As I’m writing, I’m getting the message for you to allow your head to navigate what your heart has always known…or allowing others to navigate what your heart has always known. I like it better that way—hahaha  

Regardless, which way  you are feeling from above, it is time to listen to your heart and follow its guidance.  Astrologers have said it is all about destiny, fate and soul’s truth/purpose/mission.  February is the month to access the love/truth/guidance from your heart/soul/higher self.  Plan, plan, plan as you wait to get the baton.  And well, the baton race--that is what is March is all about—the Equinox—the coming out party for humanity on the side of LOVE.  It’s all about Revolution!  Dare I whisper…that is what is happening a Love REVOLUTION—been waiting for one for so long now….and the whispers are happening.  More to come…Start your day off right today…go ahead listen to Tracy Chapman’s Revolution….this song kept playing in my head all morning long.

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