Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Message on Relationships

Happy Love Day to you all!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day 2014,  a message about relationships in this new energy.  The following is a conversation I had with my guides as a result of a conversation I had with a client awhile back.   I feel this information pertains to all of humanity not just the client so I’m sharing it with you—the timing has not been right to share, until now.  

Conversation with my Guides:
Guides:  What kind of relationship do you want?  Do you want old paradigm or new paradigm man?

Me:  What does that mean? 

Guides: Old paradigm is more of the same where people select each other based on physical, material means rather than soul, spiritual connection.  In the old paradigm, there is always an imbalance in energy.  People are unhappy, but they stay in the relationships because of old paradigm beliefs. That is to say that the belief that being in a relationship is not about you, when in fact, it is all about you.  There is a prevalent belief among humans that you do not need to be happy or in love to be or stay married.  New paradigm means you choose from the heart and know what you want. You realize that relationship is about you.  You choose to be with someone because you want to be not because you have to be in relationship.  In the old paradigm there are limits as to what can happen.  In the new paradigm there are no limits to what can happen.  As more and more people evolve into who they are, it becomes more evident that old energy does not work with the new energy; instead it creates problems in current relationships as each individual seeks to express who they really are.

Guides: She needs to change up her dating method. (Client is dating again.)  She must ground herself daily into the new energy.  This is to say that she needs to bring her spirit into the physical realm so that her choices come from her spirit not her head or old expectations of relationships.

Me: Ground your energy and bring into physical what you have learned? (I asked for clarification)

Guides: She needs to become more feminine. 

Me:  What?  She is female.

Guides:  She is female, but it is imperative that she embrace her divine feminine energy, that is who she is.  She has expressed masculine energy more so because that is what has been considered acceptable on the planet; it is the old paradigm.  Masculine Energy is all about being Proactive, Taking Care of what Needs to be done, Pushing forward, Independence, Get things done.

Me: Okay?

Guides:  Feminine Energy is about being open and vulnerable. 

Me:  Vulnerable?

Guides: Yes, humans think the word vulnerable implies weakness or inability to stand up for oneself or inability to be empowered.  Unfortunately, women have learned to be more masculine in this earth experience than they are meant to be.  It has been a patriarchal society for so long that women feel that it is necessary to take on the attributes of being a masculine energy when in reality it perpetuates what is not wanted and keeps both men and women locked into a reality that they no longer wish to experience.  Women are not meant to be competitive, fast forward or fixers.  Feminine energy is all about cooperation and love.  It is about strength and empowerment from their gifts of being who they are.

Me: How does it pertain to relationships? (Since that is what we were discussing—sometimes I have to bring my guides around to the point –they are like me/they are me so we ramble---so much to say!! lol)

Guides:  To be more feminine in this time on the earth means to be more open to receiving love and be more vulnerable. (This pertains to men and women---everyone has both masculine and feminine energy inside of them.)

Me: (Again I asked for clarification.  They informed me that one of the things that my guides wanted me to share and know as a result of my car accident was to be open to receiving and asking for help when I need it. More on that below.)

Guides: Be vulnerable.  It is that simple.  Be who you are in every moment.  No fixing it for others, no pretending you can do it all alone, no doing it all alone.  Simply be who you are as you are in any moment.  If you are happy, be happy; if you are sad, be sad.  Simply being more of who you are…means being who you are in every moment that you are.  It does not mean you are weak, it means you do not hide who you are.  The power is in being you in every moment; that is what we mean by vulnerable.

Me: hmmm.  I love it.  I was thinking hmmm…human terms:  Wonder what that all means.  For all you women who try to be strong, be on your own, do it all yourself, accept a relationship that is not making you happy keeping that stiff upper lip--you are expressing a masculine vibe.  For those of you (men and women) who want a relationship in the new paradigm, you will want to express your feminine energy to attract your counterpart.  It means asking for help when it is needed. It means you do not have to do it all alone.  It means you can need another person.  It means it gives your human masculine counterpart a job, something for them to partner with.

Guides:  It isn’t that masculine energy comes in to save you, but yes it does.  It means that you get to express your feminine self.  Being you at any and all given moments, shows your vulnerability—it shows who you truly are.  That is what is attractive to your masculine counterparts, of the new paradigm, to see you, as you are.  If you have it all taken care of, then there is no need to cooperate with another.

Me: Any last thoughts about relationships?

Guides: The new paradigm is all about bringing love to the forefront of your human reality. If it is not love, the relationship will not last nor may not even begin.  The intention with which one goes forward in a relationship is set within their consciousness; therefore, as their consciousness expands so too does their ability to manifest the perfect, balanced love relationship for them.

On a personal note, my beloved twinflame (who I will refer to as twin throughout this note) has had the opportunity to see me in a way that he has not.  This car accident rendered me vulnerable. It didn’t make me helpless or weak. It simply allowed me to be where I was in how I was. Of course, I had plenty of people telling me how I should be and I didn’t listen to one—I chose to be where I was during the whole time and as a result I definitely feel I climbed several steps up the ladder to ascension these past months.

Back to twin, he has always seen me as ok.  Whenever something would go wrong, his words to me were “I know you are ok,  you are always ok.”  Meanwhile I felt like I was anything but ok during those times—the truth was I was always the strong one and could do it all on my own.  Show my vulnerability, are you crazy?  I used to think that isn’t happening, I would get hurt and open to getting hurt.  What I didn’t realize was that I was closed to getting hurt, but closed to letting love in.  I was closed to needing help, but closed to receiving the love I needed/wanted too!  This car accident showed me that I was not meant to be closed—I was meant to be where I was at that moment and this time period definitely gave me a lot of practice.  I also gave him the opportunity to be the masculine vibe.  It never occurred to me that I hadn’t allowed him to be the masculine vibe until this past year when he stepped in and was able to do something for me.  It made him feel really good about himself (like he is the man because he helped me, but not in a macho way, a good way) and allowed him to show me his love. 

Now, it was much easier for me to be vulnerable because I wasn’t exactly in the place of I’m okay and I can do it all by myself.  I even allowed him to hear me cry (something I was afraid would push him away); instead he stayed and listened to me. I treasure those moments because in those moments I allowed him to love me and allowed me to really feel the love he has for me.   This new paradigm energy is about giving because you want to and can; and receiving because you deserve it and you allow it.  Those are the simplest lessons we can take from this life.

It makes me think back to a story about a friend. Many years ago she told me that her husband had never seen her without make-up—she would wake up early and put it on before he would see her.  Really?  I thought it was ridiculous even back then; but what is more ridiculous is how truly sad it is how she limited herself.  Love is all about acceptance and that is what this energy is all about. Accepting you as you are, but even more accepting others as they become more of who they are. Oh yes, that leaves room for lots transitions and changes, but dear ones that is what you came here for.---to change the world and move into this new paradigm with a love relationship that matches it.  By the way…it is simply all about remembering not discovering because you already know all of this deep down inside you.  You just forgot.

With Love and remembrance,

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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