Sunday, March 9, 2014

Energy Thoughts: Magic Carpet Ride

Hello Everyone,

The last week has been the most uneventful week.  As I say that, I think over the week and about how so much has happened.  The week started off with a Mercury moving direct and changing the energy to one of forward movement and then the week slowed down to a sluggishness (complete halt) on Wednesday, but then by Thursday morning I woke with the change in the air.   Even looked right at my clock that revealed the time as 5:55. If you know Angel Numbers at all, or you know my life at all….that number signifies big change in the air.     The whole day seemed to move more quickly than it has in the last couple of months.  Now, I know I said in last week’s update, that it was the fastest Mercury Retrograde ever in terms of time (the truth is that it FELT like the longest ever), but since moving direct energy hadn’t  picked up as quickly as one would have hoped.  I can honestly tell you that I kept hearing after March 6….well it is after March 6 and yep the day moved through rather quickly yesterday and as I sit down to right this it is nearly noon already and I feel like I just got out of bed.    So momentum is picking up/building rather to the explosive/sprouting of the Equinox coming.   

Some of you are in the trenches of hell as one of my friends recently put it to me and others are beginning to come up for air.  Some days in February, I could tell you I didn’t know which category I was residing in because all day long every day it seemed to changed back and forth, but I am happy to announce that I in the latter.  Air anyone?  I have lots of new, fresh air coming into me…I am so grateful!  I feel completely blessed during these miraculous times on the planet.  So it depends on the goggles you are wearing as to what you are experiencing or seeing, but either way you are definitely going to experience this magic carpet ride.   (It is funny, I find since my concussion that while I may have some other deficits with my brain—it appears that my inner vision has expanded a great deal so you are getting some of my visuals I hope through words, for example, the magic carpet ride—I actually saw  Aladdin on his magic carpet. Assuming that is the correct Disney character.  As I type this, my guides laugh and say, does it matter who was riding the carpet?  You all are! Hahaha)

Where is this magic carpet going to take us?  To the land of dreams.  More specifically, where?   Well, on a global level to times of great change.  Exposure of the breaking (tearing) down of the current financial/government/religious systems that have been controlling how people make their way in this world.   In the next couple of months, all eyes are on us (the Americans) to stand up for what  we believe is truth---we are the only country that hasn’t had the breaking down (well yes it has, but there are many that are asleep to the fact that nothing is working or better yet—in denial of it!)  and the next few months give rise to many opportunities to show the world our dissatisfaction. (If you have followed my journey at all, you will know or at least be aware of the many injustices I have experienced since the car accident of last year; though I know many of you do not know the extent of which, but that is not necessary just yet, but believe me I will be speaking out to the world about how the so called medical system, disability system, etc.)  Pay attention to the news that is going to be exposed and shown to the world about what has been happening. Now, I saw news, but I don’t mean CBS, NBC, ABC---that news is all controlled and does very little at informing you what really is happening in the  world.  For example: I’d like to pique your interest, with the following bits of new stories for you to search on your own.  Iceland jailing their bankers and giving the money back to the people or taking back their government.  Protestors at the White House were arrested simply for protesting fracking.     As an earth human, it is our responsibility to make this world a better place.  Stand in your truth, find others that are standing in the same truth and gather together to transform the world you live in.   It sounds a little daunting of a task to tear down the system that has been in place for so long, but if you ask anyone who is living by way of this broken system you will see that it is anything but working!  If you can get past your old beliefs/ideas/energy that has been driven into you (rammed into your brain) by society you will be able to come to terms with the fact that things are possible outside of the constructs of mainstream belief systems/societal structures, etc.

As for on a more personal level,  the carpet is taking us to the land of our dreams/changes/transformations.  You’ve been dreaming right? Clearing out the old baggage/careers/relationships/people?  (If not, get clearing because the universe doesn’t like to create from sloppiness.)  This really is the time for your dreams to start sprouting up for you/come true!  Magic is happening at the very core of each soul on the planet –whether they are aware of it or not and whether they like it or not….it is their soul’s truth trying to surface.  Remember, last report, I told you that it would be really tough for those that still have work to do(read: those not embracing their inner truths).    Are you making way for your inner truth?  Are you listening to the divine guidance inside of you?  If you are, then you are going to begin to see (if you haven’t already) the sprouting of the long awaited dreams to make their  way into your physical reality.   If you are not listening to your inner truth, then those things that have been preventing you from dreams will make their way more loudly/clearly into your physical reality.    I know most of you know where you lie when it comes to this inner truth issue so you will know what is sprouting up: weeds to be removed or flowers to enjoy. 

Meanwhile, I started this report on Friday morning and never finished so I am finishing this now.  Here in the northeast, we had a beautiful sunshine day yesterday so I needed to get a little sun and spent a lovely day with lovely people for a baby shower (for those of you who really know me that is literally my first social event since my car accident of 2013—it was the perfect day to escape!)  I woke up this morning (Spring ahead was last night) and it feels the energy is shift forward, looks like that caution flag from last week is getting ready to be taken down.   This morning, is yet another beautiful spring day and as I looked out my window…the most beautiful Hawk appeared on the tree outside my window—feeling so blessed.  I feel like he is a the harbinger of good news, magic and miracles!  Spring really is the time of planting and sprouting.  New ideas/truths/beliefs are and will be popping up both globally and even personally.  It might not be time just yet, but start writing those ideas down, storing them for in the very near future you will see the time will be right for you to start manifesting those.  You are going to want to move forward soon and the with the coming energy this month the momentum of breaking free will keep coming up.   The closer we get to the spring the more the energy of wanting to be free will surface.  So no need to worry if you are someone in the category of having things to break free from.  It is time!  I’m getting that image of a magic carpet again...this time with me and my beloved floating freely forward with little puffy hearts as the fuel (popping up all around us—yes my vision looks very animated! Lol) …It really is all about love in this life.  J  I know where my magic carpet ride is taking me…where is yours taking you?   

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