Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Inspirational Snippet: Miracles Are Everywhere

I wanted to share this morning's message I placed on my Soul Star Healing Facebook Fan Page.  As many of you know, each day I place message from my guides, angels and/or my higher self for your highest and best good.  If you wish to connect with me on Facebook to receive these messages, please click this link:

Today's Message: Miracles surround you in every moment of every day. It takes a quiet, reflective mind to see what is there and capture the miracle in the moment. If you are harried and rushing around, the miracles are not so easily noticed. We ask you to slow down today, take long deep breaths between the many things that you feel you need to do and look around you at that moment. We bet you will see things you hadn't noticed before including little miracles. And so it it..~EstaRa

This message is so important to see and listen to in your day to day life.  Life can be so stressful and it is easy to get caught up in your daily routine, but it is necessary to your balance and well being  by stepping out of that cycle from time to time. Since my car accident, it hasn't been so easy for me to notice things because my days are more stressfilled than they were prior to the car accident.  You would think, I am home relaxing and enjoying the break. Well, let me reassure I am not nor have I been.  In between going to the Chiropractor two times a week, Physical Therapy two times a week and various doctor and healing energy appointments, I have to find time to just be.  Quite often the time I am not in appointments with doctors and such, I am really exhausted from going to those appointments or in really bad pain and I need to come home and rest.  Lately, there is this one saving grace that I have, I  do remember now and again to stop what I am doing, breathe and look around me.  When I look around my apartment, in the morning sometimes I see something that I have had for a long time and notice how grateful I am to have it.  Or I may see something someone gave me as gift that may have been sitting there all along, but just noticing it in that moment, I feel the love they have/had for me when they gave it to me.  Other times, I will notice as I am driving to my appointments how careless some drivers have become, and then I will be stopped at a traffic light and see a young man help an elderly woman carry something.  It shows me how miraculous and giving humanity can be. I believe we sometimes forget. 

This car accident has showed me through my community of clients, students and friends just how giving and miraculous humanity can be.  Makes me grateful to be human to experience such things. (I know this is a bit of joke when I say I am grateful for being human--some of you will get this and others will not, but those who do know that I sometimes find it hard to be a human in this world. I will leave it at that.)  Just to let you know it is really simple to discover mini miracles.  Step outside and see for the first how the birds fly by you or how the cutest little chipmunk scatters as you walk by or stops to say hi. Or when you have your morning beverage (mine is usually a lovely, smelling herbal tea), just sit with your beverage and do nothing else. Watch how amazing that will make you feel.  If you look really closely at this picture, you will see there is, in fact,  a double rainbow.  I took it when I went on my trip to Hawaii. 

My wish for you today is to stop, take a long breath and notice what is around you.

In love,

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