Friday, July 26, 2013

Inspirational Snippet: I love you

I wanted to share this morning's message I placed on my Soul Star Healing Facebook Fan Page.  As many of you know, each day I place message from my guides, angels and/or my higher self for your highest and best good.  If you wish to connect with me on Facebook to receive these messages, please click this link:

Today's Message: When you say the words I love you, do you feel it? Do you mean it? When you hear someone say the words I love you to you, do you feel it? Do you allow those words to creep into all parts of you? Do you allow the softness of the words to fill the depths of your soul, all parts of your body ? Or do you simple hear, but not listen and feel. Those words are meant to be felt and owned. Today, tell someone that you love them and allow yourself to impart that feeling of love. And when someone tells you they love you, allow yourself to accept it with no conditions/strings/worries/fears..just pure energy of being loved. Feel my words: I love you.~EstaRa.

Something I want to bring to your attention.  We don't often allow ourselves to hear those words because we are: too busy, feel too unworthy, afraid to hear them, allow our brains to come up with reasons why someone is saying that, trying to find the ulterior motive, or we are just simply afraid to accept that we are loveable.  See yourself today only as a loveable, worthy being of light and each time you hear those words even in a song on the radio allow that love to fill you as if it were food for your soul (because I will let you in on a little secret--it is food for your soul)!   The words I love you hold so much more power than you can imagine so I hope you can feel the words as they are said to you and send the love as you say the words.

My wish for you is to feel the words: I love you.

Love to you,

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