Monday, July 29, 2013

Step by Step We Heal

So as you all know, I had a car accident on Valentine's Day this year.  Really hard to forget not only because I still have some bad days with pain, but also it is the Day of Love and how ironic that on the day of Love, I am knocked down for the count.  I've had many revelations as to why this happened and my guides have told me that I will never know the full extent of reasons until possibly ten years from now.  I am not going to go into what I think the reasons are spiritually, mentally, emotionally or even physically at least not now at this moment, but what I would like to talk about is how the process of healing is coming about and what has happened.

I didn't have treatment for two months and the doctors didn't want to give me medications when that is what I truly needed especially at the beginning to get the Inflammation down.  Well, because treatment was delayed so has been my recovery. I have been blessed by amazing friends, students, clients who have helped me stay in my apartment and get by thus far. I no longer want to use medications and I am looking for many alternatives to what traditional medicine provides.

During this time at home, I have had the pleasure to experience some great healing opportunities through my spirit and through alternative therapies. In addition, I have had people share products with me that have been wonderful and healing or just plain what I want.  I would like to write a little more so my plan is to share with you what is helping/working for me.  I also want to share products I was given to help me during this time.  Maybe each of you will benefit from my experience too. 

As an aside  sometimes the journey is really difficult because you are meant to be something greater than you even know.  I would like to point out that while it has been difficult these last several months, I am also becoming more aware of what my future will look like, including the changes I am making.  Truly, creating your future is the first step to healing and making it happen is the next.  I believe everything is possible--I healed myself once before so I know I will do it again.    Step by step my journey is becoming more and more interesting.  There is much to be said about healing your life and I look forward to sharing more with you.

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