Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: See The Miracles

I was prompted by my guides to share the message I placed on Facebook for today.

Today's message:   We ask you, do you believe in miracles? We tell you they are all around you; from the bird singing outside your window to receiving news you have been waiting for. We tell you to open up your energy to see the miracles in your life....start by telling spirit, "surprise me, I'm open to miracles."

The more energy you put into recognizing even the tiniest of miracles in your life the more you will bring to you; that is the power of energy and how it works with the law of attraction.   It isn’t that you must look anxiously awaiting miracles, but I do encourage you notice the world around you.  In every moment a miracle occurs.  I try to live fully in the moment so that each moment I can see the beauty of what is presented to me.   Now, I agree that it may be difficult for you to stay fully in the moment with all the streams of energy (good, bad or indifferent) that are coming your way.   At this time on the earth know that much energy is coming your way so staying in balance and in the now will require your discipline to do so.

Each day, I notice the many miracles taking place.  It is not that I set aside time each day to notice (but truthfully, that would not be a bad idea), but I do just simply take notice.   Some of you who know me well enough often see how excited I get by such things as: seeing an orange butterfly going by or enjoying my favorite cup of tea.  Those are true reactions and to me I see them as mini miracles because I don’t want to take anything for granted that brings me a bit of happiness.

If I look at my life and honestly look back even over some of the most difficult times, I can see the miracles as they took place even in those times.  My life is filled with miracles and I make sure that I am filled with gratitude for them.

My wish for you today is to see the abundance of miracles around you.

Love to you,

PS:  I wrote this snippet this morning and sent it out.  Then a little while later, I had some time to sit outside between about magic..... 

I went to sit down on my chair on the back porch and as I was just about to sit down up from the steps onto the deck came a beautiful orange butterfly (by the way my twin came to me in a dream in May/June and told me that he would send me orange butterflies.  so  I know it was him.)  and then a little while later a beautiful blue dragon fly came flying up my stairs to me on the deck in my chair. (by the way..when I met my twin he had a dragonfly as his icon).  How magical mini miracles lead to big ones !

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