Thursday, September 13, 2012

Channeled Message: It is simply a matter of earth time.

Channeled Message while In Three Forks, MT....This message was personal to me, but I felt it is something to be shared.  
Dearest One, 
We love you and honor your journey.  Do see yourself as the light?--for you carry the light of home within you.  You are becoming the master that you are ascending to.  You have stepped into the this power magnificently.  You have conquered many of your fears.  We ask you to play and not worry as everything happens the way that it should.  Beauty is all around you--notice it in every moment.  Every breath you take brings you closer to where you wish to be.  Every conscious breath creates your reality in peace.  You are safe where you are.  You are the light of the world--carry it in a way that the world around you knows--just by being you.  You saw the response of the cows they were answering your call because they are looking for light just as all beings are.  There is a knowing of the changes that the earth is preparing to take place.  Every living thing is ready for the Ascension of the Earth.  It is no longer will it occur--it is simply a matter of earth time.  
You and your beloved will create a sacred space upon this earth where love will dwell--upon commencement of the love all will see the possibilities. All will learn that with love, strength will come, empowerment will come and the blessings of the new world will come.  It is coming dearest, EstaRa--it is coming.  Please do not fear and please do not doubt--soon a celebration will occur and you will enjoy the boundless love, light and beauty of reuniting with your twinflame.  Know that he holds you dear to him.  He wishes to tell you all--he wishes to share his whole being with you in human form and soon you shall see the blessings of his love.  
Know that you are safe, loved and protected. Soon you will see the riches of your rewards for being the light in so many dark places.  WE love you and are here for you.  
Mother Father God.

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