Saturday, September 15, 2012

Channeled Message: The New Moon, New Beginning

Channeled Message through EstaRa in Guilford, CT on Friday, September 14, 2012.

Dear Ones,

It is with love, honor and respect that we bring you this message today.  Your earth and its inhabitants are seeking balance.  Do they know it is balance that they are seeking?  Some of your earth family doe know, but for most of your earth family they are seeking to maintain their footing in the 3D world.  What they are currently unaware of is that the 3D foundations are no longer there.  They are trying to secure their footing upon old, outdated and unsupported beliefs.  They are guided each step of the way; however, dear one, they choose whether or not to see or feel the guidance coming to them.  When they choose not to see they feel lost and cling to what they once knew no matter what the cost is to their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual reality.  Many are experiencing the breaking down of their 3D reality.  For if they wish to continue their 3D reality their motivation to continue must come from truth and love not from fear of change.  Many have chosen their current 3D reality they are experiencing from their past, but dear ones we tell you they have an opportunity for a clean slate as do you.

The energy of tomorrow’s new moon (September 15) is one that brings with it a clean, new beginning.  Cleaning the slate begins tonight and tomorrow things will begin to look anew if you should so choose to perceive it in this way.   This moon carries with it the greatest possibility to break free from 3D.  When you awaken under the energy of this moon you will see the transitions and changes occurring.  You will experience your multi-dimensional selves if you have not already begun to.  Those of you who have will begin to see it daily in every interaction you have with another.

For tonight (September 14), we wish you to experience oneness and fulfillment of your wishes.  Dear ones, we encourage you to let go.  Let go of 3D.  Let go of old beliefs.  Let go of old ways of doing things. Let go of your dreams and allow the energy of the new to inspire you to allow and receive the magnificent blessings that you have worked hard to achieve.  There are those of you who have been on this path a long time—have you not noticed the blessings and magic that are coming your way?  Those of you that are just beginning this path of light—are your steps forward not that much easier?

These are the times you have all chosen to come and incarnate on earth at this time.  You are the perfect age. You are in the perfect location.  You are right where you need to be and all is happening as it should be. EstaRa asks us why we say you are in the perfect location when we emphasize often for people to move geographically especially where they are guided to go.  We say to you—yes you are being called to geographic locations that are necessary for your journey and we wish for you to listen to the longings of your soul; however, the universe allows for adjustments in timelines as EstaRa well understands; therefore you are exactly where you are meant to be now.

Listen to your inner voice—for that voice is getting louder now.  It is time for you to experience all.  We are with you every step you take.  We know you have fears in moving forward, but dear ones there is nothing to fear when you remember that love is all there is and fear is simply the resistance to that love.  You are protected. You are safe.  You are guided.  When you feel fear, when you feel nervous, when you feel confused, when you feel lost, when you feel uncertain—remember there is only love.  We wish you to find love for one another that is the message and that has always been the message.

                We are the Pleaidian Emissaries of Light and the Arcturian Masters of Light in service to Humanity.

A side note….as I was channeling this message outside of my apartment in the early evening of September 14th before my meditation class, I heard the honking of geese and I looked up as a flock of geese flew by.  I knew there must have been a special meaning to their presence so I looked up on the meaning:  “Their honking call speaks of the fulfilled promises that great guests bring.” Upon sitting with this further, I realize there is much more to it. Promises are being fulfilled as we speak from the messages of our Brothers and Sisters of Light, the New Moon and the advent of the Jewish New Year.  Many promises will be fulfilled over the last months of this year.  Remain without expectation, but anticipatory.

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