Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: Just Do It

I woke up this morning hearing the words in my head, “Just do it”.  I laughed and thought of the old Nike commercials; ya know the ones where they said, Just Do it.  They had a really great tag line, but I bet they didn’t realize how great it was.  I was lying in bed pondering it.  And the thought occurred to me. That now is the time.  Now is the time.  Now is the time to “just do it”.  Do all the things you have thought of.  Do all the things you have dreamed of.  Do all the things that have scared you.  Do all the things you never thought possible because now they are.   The energy, during these times while it may seem chaotic and all over the place, is ripe and perfect for you to act upon your heart’s truth.   I would say  heart’s desire but it feels more appropriate to say heart’s truth because if you are not living in your heart’s truth then how can you live in your heart’s desire?  

Notice that your heart has been prompting you to live in your truth for a long time now.  When are you going to listen to its voice as it beckons you?  To let go of the relationship that has not only felt distant and separate for years, but has made you sick?  To let go of the relationship that may look good on paper and to others, but the secrets of your pain keep you up at night?  To let go of the job that has you wondering why you are doing it?  To let go of the routine that you have been living for your whole life simply because it is a routine you have been living your whole life.   To let go of the addiction/food/drink/habit that has kept you stuck where you are.  To let go of the limitations you or others have placed upon yourself.  Are you listening your heart asks you?  It is time to let go of all that is standing in your way of your truth. 

Now is the time to listen to the longings of your heart.   The universe will fully support you now as you let go.  However, there is one catch though; you must make the choice from your heart not your head.   Whatever the choice is –does it sit well in your heart? That is the question to ask.  That doesn’t mean allowing guilt or fear to dictate your heart’s truth for then it is not your heart’s truth.  Guilt is learned from your upbringing, society and you have even carried it on into your own personal tool to keep you stuck where you are.  Fear, well, we all know that is not fueled by your heart.  There are all kinds of fears out there, but they come down to what it means for you in each situation.  When you allow your head to get involved then quite often you have silenced your heart.  You might think you are being well meaning and want to “protect” those around you so you make the decision based on other people or other external circumstances, in fact, you are doing the opposite because what is in your highest good (heart’s truth) is in the highest good for those around you.  Those around you chose to spend a part of this journey with you and to experience life with you and your decisions based in your heart’s truth.  It has all been set up for each and every one you encounter in your life to learn and the lesson is to go within your heart to learn its truth.   

Trust in your heart it is always where the answer is…listen to it, no longer question it, for that is your head that wants to maintain everything as it is (good, bad or indifferent) and JUST DO IT!  Go for your dreams and your heart’s truth.

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