Thursday, September 13, 2012

Channeled Message: Stand Up In Your Power

Channeled Message from The Masters of Light through EstaRa in Three Forks, MT on Monday, September 3, 2012.

Dear Children of the Earth…

Now is the time to stand up in your power, dear ones.  Too many things have happened right before your eyes upon this earth, but dear ones, it has not been your fault for you have not been awake to see what has taken place.  Many things have happened that were out of your control, but we wish you to know that this is no longer the case. For you dear ones are the only ones who can change and create the earth you wish to experience.
You have been awakened and you wonder now, what do I do with this? It is time dear ones, for you to stand in your power.  Far too many people are still too busy presenting themselves as caretakers to others, presenting themselves in ways they think acceptable to others and placing their focus outside themselves.  Now is the time to bring the focus back to you and what your purpose upon the earth is.  Your purpose is to shine your soul light for all to see.  Your purpose is to bring your love for all to feel.  Your mission upon this earth is to find the one thing that makes you happy and be the light and love that you feel and we encourage you to live from that point.

Your purpose is not a grand design to be something you already are not.  No dear ones, your purpose is to be completely who you are.  The grand design involves each of you dropping your defenses, allowing your love to empower you and connect you the whole.  Be careful of those who claim to be your leaders for when all is in harmony—leaders are not needed—oneness is.
What you do, feel and experience so too do your brothers and sisters upon earth—we wish to clarify that all living things are your brothers and sisters upon earth.  Be steadfast in your dreams.  Be still in your knowing.  Believe in your power to create the life you desire.  The only thing stopping you is you.  Your belief that this is how it has always been for me or how it has always been done is your downfall dear ones.  For with growth comes change.  If you are not changing then you must ask yourself if you are growing.  Your beliefs are and have been limiting!  Work on creating boundless beliefs.  

We believe in the power of who you are, now the question to ask yourselves is do you believe in the power that you are?   We love you.  We honor you and we respect you.

We are the Masters of Light.

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