Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: Feeling Your Emotions

Good Morning World,
Up again this morning at 3:00 a.m. and was reading through some emails..oy to be sleeping would be lovely, but the truth is that I have been sleeping for some time and well I am recruited to work at this hour. 
Here is a quote I came across..something I always say talk about, but a good reminder....
"Feeling things is a human right. There are people living today that suppress feelings as a part of their daily life. A healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy mind. We are humans with an enormous wide range of feelings, it’s important to know what you focus on will grow. Always prioritize your feelings, know that you are important." --Ben Arion
I love this quote because it speaks to something I often speak to....how we are supposed to feel our feelings.  We are given such a beautiful array of emotions; therefore that alone tells me we are supposed to allow ourselves to feel otherwise we would not be given the emotions even the ones we call bad....like Anger, like Jealousy, like Fear....on the other end of the spectrum we are also given emotions that appear to some as too good to be true...like Bliss, like Freedom, like Safety, like Worthy...I could go on and on with all kinds of emotions, but the simple truth is that it is okay to feel our feelings. It is okay to be in the moment with what we feel. 

What is not okay is if we stay stuck in those feelings and not allow ourselves to feel the others. Sometimes people only want to feel the happiness because that way they can project that (but know speaking as an intuitive being in touch with her truth and her feelings--what is really projected is what they are trying to hide--truth is always seen)..Sometimes people want to feel only that one feeling so much so that they reach for distractions, addictions to "maintain" that feeling, but in truth they are doing a disservice to themselves and others around them for many reasons, not just the obvious. Some may feel that it is okay because it helps them through their "troubled times",  what it is really doing is prolonging the inevitable and keeping the person stuck.   Some allow themselves to get numb and not allow themselves to feel anything but a minimal amount of emotion that is often disguised as a low level of depression.  It is an interesting conundrum that people experience when it comes to depression...they can feel sad for a long time as they work hard not to feel that which is inevitably present or they can feel sad for a short time while working through that situation/emotion.  I know I am simplifying it, but the truth is that it can all disappear when the emotions are expressed and not suppressed.

A final thought about the quote above, when the author states: "it is important to know what you focus on will grow". That is truth, but what I'd like to connect for you is how that refers to not allowing yourself to feel. It takes all kinds of energy and "skill" at avoiding something, does that not mean you are focusing on it? To me that means you put more focus on it than if you simply allowed the emotions to come through. If the emotions come through, they are felt, released and done with. Emotions are an expression of who you are in any given moment...we are all of it...the good, the bad and the indifferent.

My wish for you today is to feel that which comes your way.

In love,

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