Thursday, July 12, 2012

You Have to Believe We are Magic

It has been awhile since I wrote about my twinflame and me because yes I am still waiting for him to fully reunite with me.  Things are different now because we are speaking in the human form---of course not quite to the  capacity that I wish we were.

I drove to the mountains last weekend because I was guided that I needed to be at the mountains. I was sad and longing for him as I drove home thinking he should be with me.  I shouldn't be traveling alone.  As I drove through one state, there was the sign for a town that has his name.  Just as I said his name outloud I smiled to myself and the radio started to play the Olivia Newton John was beautiful and perfect timing.  But I have to admit from time to time it really does get old.  I am getting way past tired of waiting and really looking for some real human signs of change.

I know he has changed--I sense it and hear it in his voice, but I feel he is afraid to let me know.  My wish for me today is that I humanly receive the sign I am looking for from him.  I am ready and I feel he is is just a matter of time.

I have to provide you all with a side note...when I said down to write this I was really sad and feeling blue. I do realize that I am not  only feeling my sadness, frustration and pain, but his too.  Everyone's emotions really. I am amazed at the paragraph above--it sounds so much more optimistic than I feel at the moment....but I feel like no matter how I feel at any given moment..I always feel like the time is near and the time is now....and soon I will know.

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