Thursday, July 12, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: Piece of Puzzle

I was prompted by my guides to share today's Soul Star Healing facebook message to the children of earth and expand a bit upon it.

Today's Message: You are a beautiful piece of this puzzle you call earth. Allow yourself to simply be guided where your piece fits. It may not be with the one you are with, it may not be in the place you currently reside, it may not be doing what you are doing, but it will be all in divine and perfect order. Remember, dear ones, all is as it should be.

Finding where you fit upon this earth is not always easy nor is it when you have a puzzle spread across your dining room table and trying to find where all the pieces fit.  Did you ever see a child make a puzzle?  They take the most unlikely pieces and try to fit them into spaces.  I ask that you view that as the mistakes you have made along the way.  They may not have fit, but it was definitely worth the try.   Each piece of a puzzle has its place so too do you.  Even if you do not find it right way does not mean that you won't nor does it mean that you never will. It does; however, mean that it would benefit you to keep trying.  Now, as I type this I realize there are some of you thinking that they said above it may not be what I am currently doing and they are correct--it simply means you may have to leave that situation and do something new and different.  How exciting that thought is!  Basically, these beings of light are giving you permission to have what you say you want to have.  Are you excited enough about the possibilties to try it or are you convinced the story you have been telling yourself is the way?  That is a question, that only you can answer.

My wish for you today is that you are not only willing to find where your piece of the puzzle fits upon this Earth, but that you are willing to give up what no longer serves you to find it. .

Love to you,

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