Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: Trust Your Heart

I was prompted by my guides to share today's Soul Star Healing facebook message to the children of earth and expand a bit upon it.

“Today's message: Dear ones, the key to this journey is about trust. Trust of yourself. Trust your heart it knows the answers and what you need to do next; however, you have been taught from a young age to let the voice in your head be stronger or even to let the voice of others be stronger. We tell you to make your heart stronger today and each day to trust that voice even more. Listen to your heart.

There are so many of us that have had trust broken and it has prevented us from trusting another.  I have heard two things in my life about trust.  Some say, "They have to prove to me they can be trusted."  while other say, "I trust them until they prove to me they can't be trusted." I am not sure where all of you fall in regards to trust, but the message above to me is clear that we must trust ourself.  If we do not put trust into ourself then how can we trust others?  It starts from our heart.

As I type this, I feel like building the relationship with yourself is the most important in terms of trusting others.  How often do we make a promise to ourself and then simply negate it when it doesn't fit the plan of others?  For example, you may say I want to be healthy and eat intend to eat healhty, but what happens when you are swayed by a friend who wants ice cream.  Do you join them or do you honor what you put out there?   It seems so easy to break trust with ourselves.  Now, I want to explain that is a very physcial example.  Here is another one that hits home for me.  I know what truth is in my heart and when I reopened my spirit at the beginning of this journey--I was very clear as to what truth was for me and I trusted it.  Unfortunately, that memo did not go out to the people around me and well they brought their energy in and  I quite often allowed them to negate what I knew to be true.   The thing is that the only person who truly knows the truth of us is us.  That truth if it comes from the heart level is always right on.   However, when we come from the logic and place in our head that is not truth especially if it does not feel good.  When I say feel good it doesn't mean we always like the answers our heart gives us, but it won't feel misplaced and reactive in a part of our body.  It will all feel in balance.

My wish for you today is to trust your heart.  Even if you take a moment and try trusting one thing you put out there and building from that point.

Love to you,

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  1. Some say, "They have to prove to me they can be trusted." while other say, "I trust them until they prove to me they can't be trusted." Hmmm ... I believe we exchanged conversation on this topic the following Saturday (June 30) at Talisman. Namaste! Laura