Saturday, June 23, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: Flexibility

Inspirational Snippet:  Flexibility

I was reading a friend's email this morning and I came across a quote at the bottom of her email and it said,   "The key to a good plan is its flexibility!".  I thought hmmm..then my higher self took over and thought, now the real truth is...  The Key to a good life is flexibility.  A further truth is that the key to a good life especially during these times of 2012's transition and movement is flexibility.   

The difficulty quite often in life is that we tend to have these rigid, structured ideas of how things should be which leaves little to no room for change.  It is important to note that things don't always turn out how we think they "should" look or how we think they "should" come to us, but it is always safe to say that thinks happen exactly as they are supposed to at that moment in time (even when it doesn't feel good or look good). 

Life is all about experiencing the beauty of the journey and when you are locked into a set vision then the expectations of that vision can quite often get in the way.   Now if you allow flexibility to enter into your life, well then you are able to navigate the changes quite easily and the journey is colored with lots of beauty.  The one thing that is for sure about life is that it is ever changing, but the one thing that you can be sure about in this year of will not only be ever changing, but it will be ever changing from moment to moment due to the immense energy of love and light being poured on the planet. 

Does it mean you shouldn't make plans?   No, of course not.  However, it does mean allow for changes to occur with those plans.   Even more allow for you to change your mind about the plans you have made and not just be allowing to others for their changes.  We tend to be forgiving of someone else changing the plans, but we are often hard on ourselves when we need to change the plans due to our own personal expectations we have for ourselves.  

My wish for you today is to allow for flexibility--if you allow for it, life will surprise you when you offer yourself a little flexibility.

Love to you,

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