Sunday, June 24, 2012

Channel: Love & Other Things

Channeled Message from The Intergalactic Council of Light through EstaRa, Master of Light in Guilford, CT on Sunday, June 24, 2012.

Sunday Morning Chat with my Guides…

Greetings, dear ones.
Welcome to another new human earth day on your planet.  Have you realized yet that you are the ones you have been waiting for?  Have you realized you have locked within you the true magic and hope for a better tomorrow upon your earth?  Have you realized how empowering the energy of love can be when you truly allow yourself to feel it?   We ask you these questions to wake you up to the new energy on your planet for dear ones it is here.  You feel the same, you say?   Well, dear ones you didn’t expect to look in the mirror and see a completely different person now, did you?   We smile at the thought of humans.  Look at your pictures dear ones you are different.  You write that off to age, we understand your human minds far more than you think.  You look younger, you look lighter and you look ready to enter into this new golden age.  Go ahead. Take another look in the mirror we say to you.   And then look again after another month and see the changes within you.   They will become so evident that you may not even recognize yourself ask EstaRa as she has been transitioning for a long time now.   We say to you, do not let the mirror be the only way you look at the changes taking place within you.  Look at your life, the choices you make and how far along this journey you have come.

EstaRa: Please explain the questions:  Have you realized yet that you are the ones you have been waiting for?

Dearest one, you are the ones you have been waiting for.  Do you now understand that no one, no thing will swoop down and save you? Only you can save you.   The time is now to look at what isn’t working and change it.

You say that often.

Yes dear one, we do.  That is because there are many of you who still need to look at what isn’t working and change it.  We will keep reminding you ever so gently as long as we feel it is necessary for those of you upon this planet to drop away what no longer serves you and, dearest EstaRa there are many beings upon your planet that need to hear this message. 

Have you realized you have locked within you the true magic and hope for a better tomorrow upon your earth?  Why do you say locked within you?

Dearest one, it is simply a reminder for each of you to know that within each of you, you have the magic.  We say locked because some of you humans, do not realize that it is simply a matter of unlocking the gifts that lie dormant in your energy.  The shifting of human consciousness is the unlocking of  keys within your DNA and your being.  Once you are unlocked, there is no locking it up again and putting it away.

What gets unlocked?  How do they get unlocked?

The magic within you. (they laugh)You unlock codes that are within your make up that were set into place specifically for this time upon your planet.  The codes were not always locked, but with the heaviness of the energy and the control that was upon your planet codes became locked away only by way of thought and consciousness.  What you think and believe about yourself is the truth.  So in essence dear ones if you believe you are not magical beings then you would not be magical beings.  For too long have you held that belief, but that belief is lifting from the planet as more and more beings unlock the codes within them. 

You, dearest EstaRa, have unlocked the codes within you; however, there are more unlocking to come for you.  With the unlocking of the codes you will see great transition for you and your planet. 

There are a variety of ways that codes and keys are unlocked.  We will for the sake of this channel abbreviate that which happens.  Each time you move or travel to a geographic location upon the planet, you are activating not only the area with your energy, but you are reclaiming your energy as well.  Everywhere you travel upon your planet there are codes left behind for humans to access.  Not everyone is called to the same places.  EstaRa laughs and wonders, does Disney really have energy to access?  To your surprise, yes dear one, perhaps Disney is not a sacred site, but it is a place where beings gather together and drop their codes upon the land and when others go there it becomes a place of energy exchange.  So dear one, even Disney can become a place of energetic exchange.  Remember, each human upon the planet carries a piece of the puzzle and  each are gathering different pieces of the puzzle from different places.

For people to access the necessary codes of change and transition they must gather together in unity for gatherings and healings.  In a group environment, it becomes easiest to exchange energy, raise vibrations and unlock the magic within individuals.  As we have said many times, it is not always evident in the human, physical form, but dear ones, know that it is happening for those beings who are reaching to find who they are, reaching to find their purpose, reaching to find their magic and reaching perhaps without perfect understanding. 

(For those of you looking to understand how the keys work, please read my channel from the Philadelphia mission for a more specific response to this question.)
 Have you realized how empowering the energy of love can be when you truly allow yourself to feel it?

Dear ones, your channeler has begun to truly understand the power of love in her earth life.  She has always felt the power of love with her beloved twinflame, but she is beginning to understand the power of divine, unconditional love.  It is what makes miracles happen.  It opens doorways to new thought and consciousness.  It shines light on situations once thought hopeless.  That ist he magic you have within you.

Today’s lesson is simple here.  Make a choice every day to activate and live from divine unconditional love in everything you do.   Even in those tasks that you humanly judge as lesser.  It sounds easy, odes it not?  But we ask you to do this in times when you are not feeling the love: when you are frustrated, when those around you are not in alignment with you, when you are not having a good day.  We ask you to be conscious every step you make today.  Be conscious of every choice you make.  We emphasize with you to just be conscious.
Your channeler is using a pen that has the words, “judgment free zone” on it. (I had stopped writing and looked at my pen from Planet Fitness—don’t like the place, but like the motto.) That is what we ask you to do today.  We ask you to be prepared by being conscious and refrain from judgment.

This is not an easy task dear ones, for you will be surrounded by much: confusion, chaos and fear.  It is easier when you stay in your own energy, but dear ones there is no staying in your own energy now—you are all one and interconnected as such.  However, it is easier if you are alone in your own space to be in that place, but when you step out of it that is when the work begins.  That is the real lesson of love—that is the real task.

We shall end now.  We love you, we honor you, we respect you and we are here with you.  You are all beings of light and becoming more so as you choose light in all you do.  Cherish this time dear ones, for you will understand later the growth and progress you have made.  You will see the changes you have assisted your beloved Gaia in making.  We are all one with you.

It is with love, honor and respect we bring this to you today.
The Intergalactic Council of Light through EstaRa,  Master of Light

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