Sunday, September 26, 2010

All is Well from the Inside Out

Channeled September 23, 2010 through April D'Amato...

Dear Children of Earth,

Today is a momentous event--much is happening throughout your world. The Full Moon energy and the Equinox are bringing forth another influx of energy. The energy on your planet s shifting faster than you can keep up with--are you supposed to keep up with it? We tell you NO. It is your job as a soul on earth to simply allow the energy to flow through you and heal you. Your work is to receive the healing that you have been wanting. Your job is to trust that you really do know how to be a human experiencing changes upon your earth by simply being the light and love that you are and remaining in balance.

Do not by into your media expression of what is happening --do not be fearful simply know that all is well from the inside of you out. What does that mean? Simply your view of the world and happenings of your world is what controls what you experience. Simply trust that what you know in your heart to be true is true. The difference from your heart and your mind is that it will always feel safe and light when you listen with your heart regardless of the information. It will always feel and appear as truth if you remain grounded and balanced. The clarity and ease comes from your ability to remain balanced in times of change and we know it requires much work to keep in balance. We find many humans ping ponging from head to heart and back and forth. If you ground daily and quiet your mind even if for just ten minutes a day, you will experience a different view/perspective than the person to the right or to the left of you who has not done that. That simple quiet time will allow you to experience a different reality.

The truth remains that things happen all the time--it is in your human perception that creates the impact on your life. Nothing is good or evil all is what you label it. The importance of this message is that in these times what you think, see or believe is your reality--how do you wish to live your reality? Only you can decide. We wish you to decide well for your experience.

We bring you this message to you with love, honor and respect.
The Masters of Light.

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