Sunday, September 5, 2010

Each and Every One of you is Love

Hello Everyone,

This channel is from September 3, 2010. I asked Spirit, do you have a message for me? And of course, they always have a message for me (which I do not choose to bore you with), but I also asked if they have a message for the rest of us too. And this is the response I got:

Of course we do, dear one. It is not like us not to. Today we would like to speak of love. Most view love as a condition or a reason for being rather than the being as the reason. Love people believe comes in many different ways. The truth is that love is always the same. There was a song dear one, that you listened to and the words were: And love remains the same. That is the truth of love. It never changes. It is with you always--you can always be it (love), you are always it (love). Sounds easy enough?

Know that we understand human 3-D and we know it is not as easy as we say for you are enmeshed in a wold where love is almost a commodity. Where love is a form of exchange, but not in a good sense. For love is given and taken away from humans based on their fear, insecurity and lack of their own self-appreciation.

What you humans do not know is that each and every one of you is love. It is who you are when you are quiet, it is who you are when you are with others, who you are when you doubt, who you are when you trust despite the human emotion--condition you have been immersed in.

Love always remains the same. You dear one ask us how to help those that are afraid and it is simply to love themselves. You teach this from the place in which you learned it--within. Life happened to you that brought doubt, but you remembered your love of self and carried you and furthered you to a new level of love. You now see yourself as so much more than you used to which makes it impossible for you to be away from light. You will not forget your love of self ever,. You will only continue to grow in that love to a higher dimension.

What humans need ti remember is that love is already within them. It must be discovered there first. You dear one have learned that and only then did you find your beloved. Children, it is easy to look outside one self in your human world because there are plenty of messages to say you are anything but love and several sources of information that back that thought up is pumped through your media. Further, much out there will proclaim you need not love yourself to get what you desire most--love. But we tell you--do you have what you desire? Do you believe you deserve what you desire? It must come from within before you discover it with-out.

Love is all powerful when you simply see yourself as such. Love is your legacy. Love is your sustenance. Love of self is the first step to love.

With honor, love and respect, we bring you this message for we know where you must journey to first before you go elsewhere. We wish you good tidings as you journey within to find love.

The Masters of Light

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