Thursday, July 27, 2017

Energy Thoughts: Tick Tock Tick Tock

Hello Everyone,

Back with Part 2 of yesterday's blog post called Energy Thoughts: Pull Back the Curtain.   Picking up where I left off, July's energy of introspection, what does that mean for us all?   We started the month off, still reeling from the energy of Freedom. Freedom to be love, be who we are and do what we wish.  My guides said this month would require a great deal of Integration from all that has taken place over the last several months. (You think? I asked.)  It feels like I could use a year to integrate all that has transpired. They informed me kindly that I do not have a year, but I had a whole month that would feel a lot longer as I was going through it, but in the end, the month will have moved faster than it would seem.  And well, here I am on July 27th and I can honestly say, where did the month go? 

July brought massive upheavals for many, particularly the Divine Masculine. (read: dramatic awakening)  The newly open-hearted Divine Masculine is really beginning to view the world from a different perspective, the heart-centered one which takes on a different meaning than a head centered one that they/we have become accustomed to.   As the Divine Feminine began to integrate much of what she has been challenged to embody, she also began to get some backlash, pummeling to the point of her questioning her own soul truth and her new forging reality.   As the Divine Masculine began to go further inward--pulling away, it reverberated outward to the Divine Feminine in her reality and amplified the energy of confusion.  She isn't confused--she is feeling the Divine Masculine waking up from a dream.

For example:  Imagine, you have been dreaming for sometime, but in the dream it is a life you are
living, let's call it 3D reality. In this dream, you believe that the 3D reality you are living is all there is to the point of you recalling the phrase: You made your bed, now you must lie in it.   (Ok, yes now, let's imagine.  no--I am talking real human earth world of 3D--not really a dream, but for the sake of this example, bear with me.) Then, you woke up and everything you have been doing doesn't make sense: the life you are living, the job you have been in, the place you are living, the people you are living with--it all doesn't make sense.

But wait, the old beliefs start playing in your head: This is all there is. I can't have more than this life. I don't deserve to better.  This is how my family has always done it.  Yes, they were unhappy, but that is all there is in life.   But again, wait, those beliefs contradict what I am beginning to see peering over the horizon.  How do I change what I am living? I put so much time/effort/money into creating/maintaining/suffering through it?  It can't possibly be changed at least that was what had been taught in the old paradigm belief system, right?  Again, beliefs start pouring in:  No one ever gets divorced in our family.   I marry for life.  I just have to suck it up and deal with a crappy job.  I have to do the right thing. I need this job to pay the bills--it is just a paycheck.  I will do (fill in the blank) when I retire.  (Is this sounding familiar? I am sure you can add more of your own belief systems into this too. I am sure some of you reading this have been working through this, reworking through this or just beginning to explore this.)

By the way we are in the new paradigm, but some of us are still running old programs prompting us to believe in the old paradigm still existing.  The reality of the paradigms living together simultaneously will be shifting shortly come September--be prepared by looking more closely at what is going on within you--sneak peek of what is ahead.  Oh yes the reality we/they (speaking mostly of the Divine Masculine at this time) are living in appears in real time to have changed, but the beliefs/values/programs all say 3D is all there is, right?--I have to hold on tight, right? (read: cling for dear life or picture hanging onto the cliff of life.)   This is what the Divine Masculine is experiencing in his world internally, but as of July---in his reality it is no longer just internally, but iappearing physically in his world. It started happening late January of this year with the Divine Masculine opening up to love; and it hasn't let up.  (Thanks to the Divine Feminine claiming her space and holding up sacred reality.)

Spirit is saying it won't let up.  Time is running out for choices and alignments so each soul is being led (read: dragged through the mud) to awakening/shifting/change.  We are in the crunch time once again, but this time it isn't temporary--this shift will be permanent. Remember, old timelines will be disappearing more and more and new possibilities will open that have not been seen before--this is why the clock appears to be ticking, particularly with regard to the Twinflame Energies, but really for all of humanity--as you can well see it playing out on stage in the American Political System.  Oh yes, that is all about the Divine Masculine waking up and Divine Feminine coming into balance, but it appears more like a competition as we watch, but don't be fooled--it is all about learning to navigate the time we are in and the possibilities that are presenting themselves to us.   We as a collective have to learn that we have entered the new paradigm,  we have left the old paradigm behind, but so many of us are still trying to work through things/manifest stuff through the old paradigm--it is time for some changes, don't ya think? Perhaps the more each of us steps into who we
are the more quickly everyone else can or the others can step aside. I digress.

 So while the Divine Masculine is incubation, the Divine Feminine is too.  He is reclaiming his power (read: beginning to recognize there is more to life than what he has been experiencing, learning he has more power than he ever thought, looking for answers; and for some, learning to navigate this new energy); while the Divine Feminine is nurturing her dreams (read: healing/integrating/learning how to manifest in the 5D and what the consequences and rewards are for doing so, and working to balance the fallout energy of the Divine Masculine into her reality.).  This is happening for all Twinflames and for all non-Twinflames.  Get ready people the ride is on and it is going to be a thrilling one.

This brings me to today. Integration, Integration and more integration.  Enjoy this integration period because soon it will be over and the real work begins.  I know, I know --lots of questions....What?  Real work? What the heck have we been doing, if not real work? When does it end--the working phase, I mean?  See I do understand your questions as I have asked them myself quite often. 

We are now approaching quickly the 8-8 Gateway--also known as the Lion's Gate which is a kick ass time of energy--also the Galatic/Cosmic New Year is arriving and boy do we have some magic in store for us.  We are on the path to divine alignment whether you are on the twinflame journey, your own soul's path or just a soul looking to catch a ride to ascension and the higher dimensions---we are set to be there soon.   As we end July and close out a lot the old (read: limitations/blocks), we are being thrown into the lesson of learning how to best use this energy.  When you close out limitations and blocks, what does one do?  One steps into their power and jumps at opportunities and explores the number of possibilities beginning to reveal themselves. 

As the month of August opens up we are going to be walloped by the energy opening doorways/pathways/possibilities that we have not yet opened up to. Are you ready to see how this energy rocks your world with adventures?  Well--hang on the ride is about to arrive.  (And just an aside--adventures come in all ways--physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, but don't we just love the physical ones the most? )  We start August out with the beginning of Eclipse season---Eclipse sandwiches are always most potent times of evolution to which we don't often see  or make sense of the likes that transpired  during that time, but dear ones I am being told by spirit--we can use this energy to really power us forward.   We also have the planet Mercury getting ready to retrograde in August, but I am told to hold on before you make any judgments or decisions--it isn't going to be like the other ones you have endured. (well that is not if you don't want it to be? hint: we have control of our reality--not others, but the reality we live in--choose wisely because this energy will help to catapult you forward.)

August will be a month of easing back from the pushing forward, instead spirit tells me that you have been given the signs, the go ahead and now it is time to start the planning/strategizing/moving forward/lining up of what you are going to be doing, where you are heading and the like.  Really pay attention to the signs/messages/knocks on the head you receive at the Lion's Gate. Remember this gateway brings courage and power to your year ahead and sets the tone for what you will reap in the harvest of your soul come the September Equinox.  It is time for you to use this month for manifestation--learn the new way of manifesting in the 5 D reality--this new paradigm is ready and waiting for you to step in and create.  What will you create?  Do you know how?  You can check out a class I am offering in the Physical on August 19th. If you are local, click here to find out more. I know it says 3 hours, but I am feeling it may last an extra bit of time.  Get excited--I am.   It is also time to garner the support both in the physical realm and with the unseens--lots of help is just there waiting for you to pluck up and use it for your benefit.  We often talk about the dark./negative, well, there is some massive light that is cutting through space to help you and all of humanity to ascend and create the new earth.

Okay, I will stop here as I feel I can write more and more ---you know my ramblings they keep going--once spirit starts sparking itself through me clearly--I can go on. :)   Oh one last note before I go....a few sneak peeks forward....September will be the time to adjust, put things into play that you had garnered over the August transformation energy. Globally, be prepared to navigate the energy of fear that will likely ripple out in August for those that are not on this conscious path to ascension.  It will rock their world too--but perhaps not in such a balanced and good way that we intend for ourselves.   Just know come September massive change will occur.

Namaste Beautiful Ones.