Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy New Year

A message channelled from The Masters of Light on Wednesday morning September 8th. Here it is:

Happy New Year to the Children of Earth. One culture, one religion celebrates today as the new year, but the truth of it is, surely it is a new year for all humanity. Beginning this season is the shift--the greatest one ever. Light is in abundance on your earth. Love is growing rapidly. Know children that no matter what the current "reality" is--everything is changeable. Everything is extraordinary. Life on earth is about to change--are you ready? Do you want it to? The time is now and your perspective will show you the way. Behold dear ones--choose your thoughts--and choose your reality. It is time!

Love is by your side--always! We are with each and every one of you on this journey. You are not alone and you have never been alone and you will not ever be alone. we promise you that you are safe within this time and space upon your earth. We will continue to bring you messages about your light on how to be it, live it and spread it. It is time! It is time! Be sure to look within to shine. That is the only way you will always be okay. Trust us when we say we love you because we honor, respect and love each of you.

The Masters of Light.

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