Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Manifestation is here...June energies

Hello Everyone,

I received a channeling on Monday to share with everyone. I hope it brings you comfort. The channeling began with information specifically to me and then went into a universal message--I will save you from having to read my specific message and share the universal one with you.

Here it is...Channeled Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Ones,
It is now. The time is now—all you have waited for is yours. Be still and know we love you. The twin flame reunion is imminent. The call has been loud and clear and all are awakening to the fact that they are loved by another and needed by another. Trust us, dear one, we honor and respect you. Earth journeys are hard when you have to pretend to not know that you are already with your twin. When you do not know you are already loved deeply. Know you are loved deeply. Always, always listen to the voice of your heart—that is the voice that is supported for the highest good for all. We love you. This message was brought to you today by the lords of light –keepers of the journey. We want you to know you have been heard and we listen to you. We honor your voice dear one you are one of us. Remember you do not travel alone, though sometimes it may humanly feel as though you do.
Now for the planet—the next infusion of love and light is set for June the solstice. It will bring more awareness and love to each of you. The veil will continue to grow thinner, time will become quickened, but most importantly manifestation will come rapidly. Know that all you have asked for is now going to manifest---you needn’t be patient much longer. Each individual will experience growing pains—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual as too will your mother earth. She will explode from joy, erupt into laughter and swirl with light. Trust all that is happening and about to happen is part of each human’s plan. You know that which we speak of. Beloved ones you are the light in this world and supported by all. All eyes area on the humans on earth for their magic is happening now. Be good to one another and trust what is in your heart—for there you feel us, there you feel the truth, for there is where all your potential is and where your journey begins.
Behold lightworker---it is your time. We must go now and allow April to enjoy the channel and her day. She works hard for the earth and feels powerful and powerless at times, but what she does not know and forgets is she is in control. Choose your words and thoughts wisely—we will be back again.

With highest love and respect, The Masters of Light.

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