Saturday, May 29, 2010

Full Moon of 5.27.10

Hello Everyone,

I was sitting outside on a beautiful Connecticut morning on Friday, May 28. I was enjoying the day and was about to do some journaling. Instead, I opened to a beautiful new channel. It talks specifically to me in parts, but I believe it is for everyone to hear. I also believe that the channel is one that should be heard by all.

Dear April Angel,

Did you know that is who you are ? Yes. Many have called you angel over the last several years even your beloved saw your angelic being. He knows it may not always seem as though he remembers, but dear one he does. Deep within his being to the essence of who he is--he knows who you are. Much of your doubt comes from his humanness. He chose a difficult path too dear one, did you know that? Did you know that his path is more difficult than yours? It is! Because he chose to not easily remember that he too is an angel and only can you come into his life when he is ready. He was ready once upon a time, but he chose to resist it and fight it because the human role he is playing tells him he cannot possibly be happy--he is not good enough to deserve you. But he is! Surely you know he is. And soon, he will remember what he is doing here on Mother Earth. Healing will require vigilance and patience, but not as much as you may think--it is almost here.

Last night's full moon brought about a shift for the humans--one that says suffering needn't be any longer. Oh yes, many will doubt and many will still choose suffering as their method to journey to the next place, but you know better. You know that is of the old energy. You know that this magnificent energy of light shines on all--all who are ready to see the beauty in each and every human. Life is all about the healing of the planet for the good of all. It is beyond measure--it is far beyond all you desire in this life. Human suffering was a method of the past. It is not supposed to be that way--it was what occurred when humans forgot they were magical. The time is near dear ones where you will reclaim the magic of who you are--it will become the truth of you. The truth of the planet. Your earth mother is leading you there. She nurtures your soul in quiet moments. Give yourself quiet moments to honor you and to honor her for in the end you will know all that is real. It is time to behold the beauty--look around and know truth is within your grasp. Light will guide your way. It is as it should be. It is with love, honor and respect that we bring this message to you.

The Masters of Light. Channeled through April D'Amato on 5-28-2010.

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