Monday, September 28, 2009

Everything Changes, Love Remains

I am sitting here getting ready for my day and a song just came on the radio...the following words rang out loud...Everything will Change, Love Remains the Same.

Stripping our humanness down to our spirit, that is what we are: Love. So doesn't that just resonate? Remember when you were a child and you got angry with your parents for something you felt they did? Or with a friend who hurt your feelings? Or with your child for something they did to disappoint you? Think back to those times: once you were able to get over that initial reaction to something that may have happened, what did you feel? I know for me...the underlying feeling is always love.

Think about all the things that have happened in your life. If we take all the pain, all the blame and all the confusion out of the way, isn't that true? Love for one another always remains the same. We may feel anger, frustration and fear, but after we allow ourselves to feel that, we realize love is still there.

Everything does change. I realize that I am evolving even as I type this message out. Life always changes just as seasons pass and we grow older and yet we are still who we are inherently. Many relationships come and go in our lives and yet after the hurt of those relationships has subsided we can come back to our essence of love. So often we forget that love is who and what we are.

I think that as I listen to this song…mind you the only lyrics I hear are “Everything Changes, Love Remains”. It is what I am meant to hear today. I meant to hear those words and nothing else for in this time the message for me is solely about love. It is a concept that is easily forgotten in the midst of everyday living because quite honestly most people live their life in fear; and if we are not vigilant on remembering we are love then we get caught up in the energy of fear as well.

Often long after a relationship has ended, even years later, I find myself still thinking fondly of someone I once loved. I feel love is there for each of the people in our life no matter the hurt. We can always go back to our memory banks and find those beautiful memories where we felt love. If we allow it, love will always remain it is the one feeling that is the true essence of who we are. I know that when I feel out of balance in my life then the changes don't feel so good and I forget that I am love. These words today have been a beautiful reminder of love.

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