Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Simple Sources of Love

I have been spending the last couple of days looking for examples of love. I have been seeing it everywhere I go. Here are just a few examples of what I noted:

I saw it when I went to visit my family. My father and I were talking and he has been making copies of my vhs videos (yes I still have those) and converting them onto DVD's. It is his way of showing me love. I am so grateful. He takes so much care and effort to make them perfect. It is so loving and warm. Or when my mom buys me a blouse (ok so it is not the color I would ever pick out, but it always turns out looking good). I am so grateful for those little signs of love.

I saw it yesterday when I was taking a drive to my Chiropractor's office. I driving down a beautiful back road to get there. You know with the fall colors you would think that would be enough for me to say ahhh how beautiful. Well, I was thinking of my twin flame (that is for another entry at another point on my journey, but I did spit the word out so you all now know I have one), and as I thought of my twin I looked up and on this beautiful tree lined street I saw to trees across from one another reaching over the street to connect. It was like I saw love reaching out and grabbing ahold of more created this incredible arch over the road....ahhh the beauty of love in nature I thought.

Then last evening I experienced love with family and friends. I was a hospital for a friend who has a friend that is going through some medical stuff and the support was beautiful. Even when we may not be able to communicate with words in love, it is evidenced in how we treat one another or how we interact. It was really beautiful---it helped me sleep soundly once again and wake up in a glory filled mood.

Find your sources of love...look around I have a sneaking suspicion you will find some too...

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