Monday, August 7, 2017

Quick Energy Update for August 2017

This month's energy has come tumbling in and rolling over everything in its way--anything that is not rooted in your soul's truth or in the highest light possible will be turned upside down, trampled over and up for deep release.

What the heck does this mean? It means let it happen. It means that you are advancing forward on this journey to a new you... It means for some this is what you have been waiting for and for others it means roll up your sleeves and get to work facing what is surfacing. 

Yesterday, I had a visit with the Goddess Sekhmet and this morning, I had a visit with Sanat Kumara both are nudging me forward on my path explaining it is time to hunker down and get to work on the things I wish or desire. They imbued the same wisdom for you as well. Get those shields of courage ready to brave through the thickness of this energy and by all means--allow, allow, allow.

As I once told my beloved twinflame in person and in the etheric--resistance is futile. At this time, resistance is not only futile, but it will be painful physically, mentally and emotionally. Embrace what is being shown to you--let go and allow the energy to shift within you...your entire existence has been created for this time on the planet.

We are ready to embark on an even bigger journey than we can imagine. There is magic to be had at this time...but first you must drop away the safeguards, the falsehoods, the stories you have been telling yourself and the stories that have been told to you about you. What is you wish to create? Use this month to garner the courage, gather the support and embrace the wisdom.

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