Friday, July 28, 2017

Q&A: Is He/She My Twinflame & How Do You Know?

Hello Everyone,

This is probably the single most important questions for twinflames, particularly those that are waking up to the notion that they are/may be a twinflame.  I get asked this question at least 3times a week and today I am going to answer it to the best of my ability.


One client asked:   I have been told that "A" is my twinflame and also that he is a karmic soulmate  I guess it is all about the journey, so maybe that doesn't matter so much, but it does to me somehow though.   Do you ever receive clarification on that?  

One client wrote:  Please let me know if he is my twin or if I am just crazy.

One client wrote:  How can he be my twinflame? I mean I feel like he is, but it just doesn't make sense, may he is just a soulmate.

These are just a few samples of what I get asked in my readings, or just in email.  I feel you, I hear you and I totally understand.


The clarification comes when we stop denying our inner truth for what we are hearing/seeing/experiencing outside of ourself.   Often times, we have been programmed from a very young age to not trust what we know to be true in our heart.  For example, when a child talks about their imaginary friend and the parent ignores it or even more the parent tells the child there is no such thing.  This dismissing of the child's experience or perception begins the pattern of learning not to trust their own instincts/intuition/inner guidance.   Breaking free from that pattern is one of the obstacles on the Twinflame Path that we must overcome.  Many times, everything outside our ourselves with regard to our twinflame plays on that belief pattern-our external physical experience often contradicts our internal spiritual truth/experience. 

The journey to twinflame union is also the journey to self discovery which involves awakening the power of self within.  Archangel Michael was my biggest cheerleader to look within and also my biggest supporter to remind me that what I knew to be truth inside was really the truth.   A great example came when I had an experience with my own twinflame.  Archangel Michael prepared me on my drive to see him.  AA Michael said, "trust what you know to be true inside of you.  Do not listen to his words, listen with your heart."    When I saw my twin that night, I was well prepped by Archangel Michael thankfully so.   My twin and I embraced immediately when we saw each other and I heard his heart speak to mine, I heard almost in a whisper (it was internal from his spirit), "I'm home."   I nearly cried when I heard it with my heart.  But as the night went on my twin's fear kicked in and he said to me, "I don't feel the way you do."   But trusting Archangel Michael as my teacher, I held onto the "I'm home" knowing that was in fact our truth, not the fear.

My guides have guided me to never tell anyone directly that they are or are not twinflames as that is their journey to self (trusting their own inner voice).  That will not be an answer I will ever give you. What I do know is that I have known since I was five years old is that I was here to find my other half and at seven I knew I would find him and marry him.   Throughout most of my life, I knew he was out there, I just hadn't met him, until I met him.  When I did I knew the first time I heard his voice I was in love.  But did I doubt/question/harrass my guides absolutely every chance that I got.  I literally asked for clear indisputable signs that he was my twinflame for six years; until I finally got my most amazing answers in Egypt and promised I would not doubt who he was again. I accepted he was my twinflame.

Then I had to work on accepting that he loved me even when he doesn't appear to care. I had to work on the doubt that  I felt, the doubt that he loved me because he didn't just run to me like I imagined he would when I was a little girl. (You know the old paradigm story of Prince Charming?--had to scratch that from my mental/emotional body. lol)  I have been "educated" quite a bit by the Archangels, Mary Magdalene and Jeshua to recognize his love for and his showing it or not showing it has/had nothing to do with me at all--it was about him and where he has/is at on his journey.  This was the hurdle I worked a lot to get over.  I now know and trust his love for me.

I am at the final stage I suppose where I get plagued occasionally with the doubt that this will ever happen. I have been on this journey for a long time, but even as I write this truth to you--I have a smile. I know inside that we will be together--the when --not so sure, but I know it is so. 
So I have to say this stage is much smoother and getting easier to work through than the previous two. :)

I hope this helps. 

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