Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lion's Gate Energy Update

Another Quick Energy Update:

The energy coming in through this Lion's Gate is now building upon the energies that have been coming in previously (read: light building upon light), so in essence the energy compounds on top of what was previously brought in.

This energy can become a burden for those who have not built a solid foundation, forcing a collapse of the old ways of being, forcing change; how quickly that happens is determined by your frequency and vibration and your ascension path. The weight of the energy will always weigh you down if you're not building upon a foundation in your soul's truth or soul's light. For those of you who have been building a solid foundation (read: those that are awake) then the energy will continue to grow your light quotient and become a partner in your expansion and creation. Therefore the energy can be viewed as a gift or a burden.

We ask you to recognize if it feels like a burden, then use this time for you to heal, clear and re-align.
We encourage you to allow the collapsing of the old because that is the falling away of old timeline potentials that existed in the now old paradigm. This opens the doorways and gateways to new paradigm potentials that had not existed previously or had been blocked. Some of the timeline potentials have always been there, but were not available to you or have been blocked, not by entities or energies; instead, they have been sealed off or unattainable to you due to vibration or frequency.

This energy is allowing for massive transformation and upgrade in your life. It will open up the magic within you. We wish for you to know that you are safe and you are loved, and no matter how you experience these current energies, remember you are safe and you are loved.

Namaste ~Arcturian Masters of Light through EstaRa

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