Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Energy Thoughts: Pull Back the Curtain

Happy July Everyone,

So here we are after the June Solstice has arrived, do we feel different?  No, you say.  Check in again, do you feel different. Yes, now that is better.  So much has been happening over the last several months, weeks and days.  This Energy Thoughts will bring to light what has been happening, what is happening and what will be happening.  Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole and turn back the clock a bit?

So earlier this year a new  Light Energy began lighting up our planet (read: pummeling) which paved the way for some massive transformation healing and clearing of our heavier growing light bodies. We had still been enveloped in a light body of the old paradigm (3D light body) while the a new paradigm of light body (5D light body) began to come down to blend and upgrade our light body.  Did we feel it? Heck yeah, we all felt it with massive aches, pains, exhaustion and any other number of ascension problems you wish to remember. Then as was promised, we began to fully embody the new 5d Light body.  This happened around the March Equinox.  Do you remember?  Things started to change a bit?  Clarity started surfacing and then as if the curtain fell down, the energy became a little heavier and little more intense (read: as if? hahaha).

While all of that was transpiring the Divine Masculine has begun really opening up their heart. (read: universe breaking it open wide.)  This is big news for all of us on the planet--you may be wondering what the heck is going on here. How can that be?  There is so much amiss on this planet--too much chaos taking place--but that is why things seem so far out of balance?  With the Divine Masculine living in the more 3D reality (read: clinging to what they know/knew) and the 5D becoming more real and tangible, it has knocked everyone out of balance--forcing the Divine Masculine to look inward. I mean really, it can't help but break open the hearts of the Divine Masculine.  This is good news for Twinflames (in the waiting) that have long been waiting for this to occur.  Of course on the surface, no one has seen this in play except perhaps glimpses of it. It is happening--don't you worry.

Let's bring us back to what else has transpired. We must look at where we have been to look at where we are going--well that is not always necessary, but during these times it is quite helpful to keep some level of sanity on our end. So in  June, I was given a very clear message from the Arcturians that June 11th was going to be the closing of a cycle--well more specifically, the beginning of a closing of the cycle. They informed me it would be 2-3 weeks for some depending on where they were in ascension and that would bring us to the Solstice.   That brought up lots of fear, pain, suffering etc that was ready to really be released even if you thought you did it already, or even if you thought you didn't have a problem with it--it was there for you--likely in your face--we needed to put closure to some of that old.  It was an intense period! ( I know, I know when has it not been? I hear you. I feel the same way, just when I think we are on solid ground--the boat gets rocked.  But we are better for it, right? )

The weekend before the Solstice in June, boy started pouring in feelings/emotions/dreams/intense longings for some or all of us.  What was that for? The release of the old and the letting go of the past and wait...what happened?   We literally closed out the cycle and said good bye to old timelines that we shall never revisit again.  Pheww---I felt this energy of freedom come over me and for some of you too--you may or may not have recognized it, but look back over that time crunch and see what was going on for you.  I am sure you can remember feeling a sense of freedom breeze through--I am sure it was a breeze for some and then it went back to intense for others.  I remember feeling high--living off the energy of freedom and excitement because I did feel like I dropped off my baggage for good--never to be reclaimed.  Thank you cycle for ending and leaving me feeling empty.

Then, I had a day like no other on the Solstice. I usually have a big event gathering with friends, clients and doing a ritual--I was guided not to do that. Instead, I spent the evening in a conversation with a good friend; she is also a twinflame on this crazy journey to union too.  We sat at the beach engaged in conversation, catching up as we hadn't seen each other in a while.   Prior to that the whole day was different...things happened that made me excited, glad to be alive and felt the anticipation of love. Things just seemed to click.
Sitting there on the beach engaged in conversation with my friend that evening, my phone rang. (I didn't think I had the sound on.)  I exclaimed, "did you hear that? did you hear the ringtone?"  She looked at me funny and said yes with a surprised look in her eye. (She probably thought I lost it or something.  I said, "OMG  The ringtone, the ringtone. I haven't had that ringtone since September (2016). It is not possible."  So that was shocking, I went back into conversation and exclaimed again, "OMG!"  I could not let it go.  I had had a recorded ringtone I made Love is the Answer for years now, but when upgraded my phone  in September 2016, the ringtone disappeared.  But there it was that night!!  I felt something in me stir--I back in divine alignment to union with my beloved--I heard I jumped timelines.  I was like what?  (my guides had been preparing me for the solstice since the equinox, but they didn't tell me I was going to jump timelines--just that the energy was going to be big. )  Then I looked up behind me were these clouds that you can't totally tell by the picture, but they looked like fire. I heard transmutation of the past has happened and you are now on the timeline to union.   I was in awe and I began to tell my friend what was happening. She was in awe, but said she thought I was right and I looked over and saw a rainbow.  Of course, I didn't take a picture of the rainbow in time, (I didn't think about it-I was too amazed by it.) but this is the best I could do with that moment.   It started to rain and I couldn't believe what was happening--it started to rain and we decided to sit in the car and watch.

As we continued to talk, the rain moved quickly by and the clouds started to clear up. I was so happy I had jumped timelines, this was big and it started to confirm the messages that I was getting about and upcoming move.  I asked spirit is this what you really want me to do?  And there it was a ball of light being presented to me in the sky.   That was all I needed and it confirmed that I had not only jumped timelines, but many will.  We have chosen our timeline based on the choices we have been making.  See my blogpost about timelines here.  The time between the Solstice and Equinox in September will be when the Timeline Shifting will occur.  Have you jumped timelines yet?  If so, I'd love to hear from you.

From that day forward, so many clear, indisputable signs have shown up in my reality, particularly with regard to a geographic change/shift for me. It has been difficult at best to keep/maintain unwavering faith in this at times especially when I hit the introspective energy of July and the reality taking place with the Divine Masculine, but I have my handy dandy guidance system on high alert--providing me with continually messages/challenges/signs to keep me awakened and remembering I am in the new timeline. What does that mean I am being constantly prompted not to go back to old patterns/thoughts/beliefs--(read: hit over the head with truth from spirit to stay the course).  A whole week of 7's reminding me just what I need to know--I am right on target for my future and so are you!

This shift in energy has fueled a great of healing/clearing/reaffirming our past in July.  I will end here and come back with another Energy Thoughts part 2 with regard to the Energy of Introspection/Integration for July.  I know I can ramble so I am breaking this up...expect the next part to come out soon....until then.


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