Thursday, February 9, 2017

Q&A: Do Both Twinflames Have to Understand the Journey?

A new question from one of my followers:

My question is do both twins need to understand about the twin flame journey in order to come into union?  He’s more of the bury his head in the sand type guy and pushes all feelings aside.  I do feel like he is working on himself and hopefully can come to see in himself what I see in him, but I doubt he knows about twin flames. 

Thank you for your email.  To answer your question, no it is not necessary for both twins to
know about the twinflame journey in order to come together.  Is it helpful if they knew and understood--I am almost certain it is.   But the truth is that on a human level it is not necessary for both twinflames to know about the journey.  The twinflames that are not aware of the twinflame journey definitely feel a strong connection to their beloved; they may consider it something different than what they may have experienced before or they may feel the person is their soul mate--either way they often recognize the connection.   One person in the relationship will inevitably discover the twinflame journey to help them navigate through the relationship here on earth--so that you could find guidance and clarity.  And really,  one person understanding the journey will do the work that is necessary to remove blocks to the union.  Just please know that healing comes in layers--it is never just one time and you are done--sometimes the same issue comes up a few times for full clearing because it is reflected in both your realities.  

Don't worry about whether your twinflame knows you are twinflames--he doesn't need to know and if he is in the runner phase---probably better he doesn't know right now. :)  I jest, but the reality is that it is often a concern of the more aware twinflame. It is really more of a superficial fear:  Why?  We tend to think it will make the process go faster which we can't make it go faster or slower--we go at the pace that will bring us most into an alignment.  We also feel the sense of urgency in this timeline.  Just know that all is in divine and perfect order--ie: alignment.

As an aside, I've told my twin who we are--I've told him just recently the word twinflame--he said it sounds crazy and dismissed it. Yet, he has always understood our connection, as a matter of fact, he was the first one to comment on our magnetic connection.

Blessed Journey to Union

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