Thursday, May 19, 2016

Energy Update: Choose to Shine

Today's Quick Energy Update:

This morning I awoke with the following thoughts/feelings come in for us lightworkers to bear in mind, heart and soul: There is a horrible mess going on right now---energetically and I can tell you it reverberates energetically to those of us not sitting there in the midst of each event occurring, and it is showing up as exhaustion and intolerance to in-authenticity, injustice, untruths and quite frankly, bad behavior, and you will continue to see people stand up for what they believe. This is not only associated with the American
Presidential Primaries everyone, it is moving out into day to day life, the momentum is sweeping across the nation and even the planet. We have been given true empowerment and we are beginning to use it.

The chaotic energy surrounds the dark energies that had control and hold--they are losing control and no longer hold the power over the mass of people it once had. We are awakened and we are ready to take back out government, country and our planet. Unfortunately, I think anyone who doesn't want to see change will say/do/create chaos where there is/was comPASSIONate protest. It is up to us the Light workers to maintain peace, light and love during this Revolution. It doesn't mean we can't stand up together in peaceful protest, but it does mean some extra healing/meditating on the part of those of us who do believe in the power of thought/energy. It means we must come together and put aside our fears of who we are, put away expectations of what it should look like and accept we are the ones that will make the changes happen. It is our time and it is our job as such, let's light the way for others to follow..

.~EstaRa April

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