Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Twinflame Message: The Bear is Waking Up

Today's Twinflame Message & Update: The energy is magical and yet some of us still feel our feet stuck in the mud. I'd like to say that is due to Mercury Retrograde Shadow. While this past Mercury Retrograde has been far more supportive than in the previous ones I've experenced, this shadow period has been anything but easy on me--electronic stuff more specifically. But I feel the energy beginning to shift

I woke up this morning and all I want to do is communicate with people via my writing. I just spent the last two hours typing and typing my story, my books, my thoughts--but I stopped to bring this mini-message to you all. This week we have a new moon coming on Friday and boy is it loaded with energy to push us forward. We are ready, are we not? The awakening has begun--but far more sleeping/quiet/run away twins are being awakened--I am getting an image of someone tiptoeing over to a bear to awaken it softly, but it startles the bear awake and the bear begins to jump up shaking everything off. To me this is symbolic of our twin, the one most caught up in their earth reality (often the masculine). The awakening is sudden and shaking everything up. If you are in contact with your
twin (as little or as small as that may be), you may sense they are scrambled emotionally, physically, mentally---but that is all good for the moment it is due to them hearing the call and realizing they must get going. So picture a car whose tires are stuck in mud, they just keep going around and around, until that one quick push off--well the push off is happening and this June New Moon is going to usher that in.

We are meant to take action in the way we are capable during this time, do you know what your next steps may be? They may be as simple as focusing your efforts on healing you or your twin at this time, clearing blocks or dark energies, calling in your twin. It really varies depending where you are on your path. If you need help, I can help you with that.

Just recently the Twinflame Collective, provided me with a Card Reading Spread geared towards providing quick simple guidance to help twinflames whether you are together yet or not. If you are interested reach out to me at april@soulstarhealing.com and I will be happy to set up a session through skype, in person or on the phone. This reading is only $45. Let's see what spirit wants you to know. ~EstaRa

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