Friday, April 22, 2016

Channeled Message: Evolutionary Changes Taking Place

Hello Fellow Beings of Light,

It has been sometime since I last put out an Energy Thoughts out. I have to say that it is due to the many changes I am going through and upgrading through.  I have been awakened nearly every night for months now to the reality of what is happening here in the American Political Scene.  I have tried to avoid it as most of you who have known that I used to work in Politics. I can no longer be quiet about it--as you may or may not know, I have posted much about this on my Facebook Group you are welcome to view and join here: Lightworkers for Bernie. This post will not be about that, but at the same time the energetic changes taking place are being directly reflected in the US Political Primary Race.

The vast majority of humanity is prepared and ready for the changes that are taking place upon this planet. We are the ones paving the way.  It is time for great change, can you feel it?  The universe is  rallying its support in ways that we do not yet know.  I recently had a conversation with my twinflame, and he said, "the stars haven't aligned" with regard to something we were talking about, and I responded with "perhaps, but they are about to".  

Well, I was really right about that.  Today, is Earth Day, April 22 and a Full Moon--which alone makes it a Soul Star Healing as a tool to get Quick Energy Thoughts up, please feel free to like my page and subscribe so you don't miss them.
magical awareness for all the earth, but we have so many planets now in or moving into or out of Retrograde. Let's take a quick gander before I get onto my channel.  We are in Mercury Shadow, getting ready to Retrograde next week, Mars went Retrograde on April 17th, meanwhile  Jupiter is still in Retrograde until May 9th, Saturn will continue Retrograde until August, Uranus moved into Retrograde Shadow, Neptune is still in Retrograde, Pluto moved Retrograde on April 18th.  Let's get something straight--the stars have aligned! lol  Sometimes the shadow periods leading up and out or Retrograde are even more intense because we were not used to that energy. (I can vouch for that.)  Well, I am not an astrologer so I don't have any real profound wisdom as to how they affect your chart, but I can tell you that something is building and it feels combustible.  I can tell you that I have been surrounded by light beings, guiding and prompting me with messages lately, almost to a point of overwhelm and you would think I wouldn't neglect my blog, but quite honestly I've had trouble keeping up so I have used my Facebook Page:

So onto a quick message from my guides...

Greetings Dear ones,

We come to you with a message today to assist you on your path of ascension.At this time on your planet, there is much energy being released and brought to the surface for you. This energy releases the suffering of the land and its inhabitants over the various timelines that have been in existence upon the planet.  You will notice a rise in earthquakes, and other earth phenomenon as your planet expresses herself.  It is with this that she is desiring your attention and care not only for her, but for your ascension process. We wish for you to see that you and the Earth are interconnected with one another and deeply impacts one or the other depending on what is done. It may seem as if the releasing of energy is never ending as the embodiment of change continues on.  Dear ones, you have chosen to be incarnate at this time to not only assist in the transformation of your earth, but to be part of the transmutation of the lower frequencies into higher vibration.  You are the ones that will raise the planet and all of humanity into its ascension. 

We see you have been in much discontent on this fine earth day.  There is a storm brewing inside each of you. One that can no longer be dismissed, change is calling to you and yet you have been neglecting to allow it in.  Do you see what it is you are doing when you are not acknowledging your change upon this earth planet?   When you run from change, as in resistance or procrastination, we tell you that you are in the vast density of the planet and all its uneasiness; thereby creating difficulty and stagnation in your field and the earth.  When you allow yourself to flow you are in a higher vibrational frequency that provides peace, gratitude and abundance.  It is that simple and yet humans find it very difficult.

Dear ones, we see the struggle happening upon earth as you undergo the releasing of the old ways, the old programs and energy of suppression.  Over the next several months to years, you will continue to see the energy of suppression exposed.  It will appear in your reality as more than just the Voter Suppression in the United States, the Violence in the Middle East and the uprisings in other countries around your planet.  There will be other examples of humanity's oppression being revealed in all facets of life upon earth.   Dear ones, we know it has been long and difficult for some of you, and we know you wish to be done with this part of the journey so you can move onto the next steps of rebuilding humanity, but there is still much to be unraveled before that process can begin. Your light is a very important piece of this energy puzzle and we are very grateful to be here on this journey with you.   We ask you to maintain your light daily so as to not feel depleted.  Renew yourself with nature by limiting your use of technology so that your cells can vibrate higher with the evolutionary changes taking place in your DNA. Your DNA is being awakened and you are undergoing a great deal of physical, mental, emotional transformation at this time.  This awakening is happening as a incremental process so that you can adjust to it more easily; however, it does require the need for rejuvenation and calm.  Just as the earth is in transformation so too, are you.  Be gentle with yourselves.

It is a place of peace and gratitude we wish for you to come to when you are in this place of heaviness and stuck-ness.  We ask you to take a deep breath and do something different than you were expecting.  It will shift your perception from a place of fear to love.  We encourage you to continue to leave your comfort and tread new pathways for in doing so, you will discover where your light is most needed; and you will begin to free your energy to feel the empowerment of your soul's essence. We know that you are undergoing tremendous challenges and changes, please know that we love you and are here for you.

It is with love, honor and respect that we bring you this message today. 

We are the Arcturian Masters of Light.  

My dear lightworkers, change is afoot, jump on that path now and know you be guided.

It is so.
EstaRa April

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