Saturday, May 14, 2016

Message for Twinflames from Archangels Chamuel and Raziel

Today's Twinflame Message:

I haven’t put out a message about twinflames in awhile, but I do get them all the time. The last three days I have been hearing from my guides how important it is to stay focused—focused on what you want especially with regard to your twinflame. The doubt and fear will continue to creep in, but it is imperative to use this time of “fertility and creation” to manifest the life you desire. The more you analyze and replay something that has or has not happened, the more that is what you manifest. For some of us we use it to try to “understand” what it is our twin is doing/fearing, but it is really important at this juncture to focus on what we want. This has been echoed loud and clear—some of you may notice that I stop you when you ask me about my twin or I just don’t share all the details because I am trying to stay so present and in the moment, and not get caught up in any doubt or fear. Thanks for honoring me and understanding me, please know I want to capture this moment—the timeline we are on with love, light, balance, trust and faith.

Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Raziel suggest that you create a simple affirmation with regard to your twinflame relationship. For example: I manifest full physical reunion with my beloved. OR I manifest open communication with my beloved.

Most importantly, select something, create something that resonates deeply with your soul. Keep that in your field often. Do your best to recognize when it doesn’t feel authentic or comfortable, that is when you need to do an energetic clearing. The discomfort speaking about what you want or the uncertainty that you can have it, is not because you don’t desire it or that you don’t want to manifest it—it is the fear or the blocks that have been placed there. You can clear it yourself or you can feel free to contact me to schedule a session to help you clear out your chakras/blocks to realign you with your soul's truth.

We are in a time where the energy is building and creating—take advantage of this energy and use it for motivation.

Have a blessed and magical Thursday!

oh by the way, even if you are not on this journey to twinflame union, you can still use this energy to manifest the soulmate love you so desire.

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