Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Energy Thoughts: Venus Direct, Eclipse Season, Mercury Retrograde Oh My

Hello Everyone,

It's been awhile since I last posted an Energy Thoughts, but if you read the last two you I wrote, you will understand why. So much has been happening over the last couple of months with each and every one of us. Here in the US we have been experiencing summer time and really quite perfect weather here in CT, but it doesn't mean the universe isn't rocking our personal worlds and creating transformation because my dear friends, it really is.  I've been enjoying the sun's great energy with all the magnificent sunshining weather days and lots of rainbows across the state being captured.  But I also have experienced the shifting of energy (read: exhaustion, lack of sleep, irritability) due to the massive Energy Flares that have been hitting our planet (read: Light Bombs landing in our auric fields! hahaha Well, sometimes that is what it feels like).  Want to know more about solar flares and how to ride the wave of them?  Check out my post called:  Objects Are Closer Than They Appear.  It will provide you with information to help you navigate the huge transformational energy known as solar flares.

Back to now and what is happening.  So much has transpired in the last couple of months and my previous blogposts prepared you for what was to come (if you haven't yet read them, it is really important that you do so that you can understand what is happening to you and those around you.)--And come to us the energy of transformation did!  Have you had things bubbling up over the past few months?  Have you had vast ideas and goals about moving forward, but for some reason the energy hasn't allowed it to come up to full fruition yet?  Well, you're not alone.  The energy has confused some, plagued others and gave rise to magical happenings for others.  Have you noticed a green light on things that you have been wanting to do, but then the energy appeared to be blocking that next step forward? Or others have gotten so wrapped up in the tiny details that they forgot there is a bigger picture involved.  This is why I encourage you again to read the previous blogs --particularity the last two to understand what was/is happening. It will provide you with a great deal of insight and a sense of comfort and understanding--even my guides asked me to send this the last two posts out to everyone to understand the changes that are happening.

Onto now, we are entering the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde, have you noticed?  For example, the last several days I've had some computer glitches (read: a mess at times), people from my past looking me up and re-connecting with me --always a sure sign Mercury Retrograde is a afoot. Mercury will not go retrograde until September 17th, but those of us in high vibration begin to feel it sooner.   A suggestion from my guides is that you would do best if you could prepare for Mercury Retrograde.    How do you prepare, you ask?  It doesn't have to be rocket science just know that it is so; and recognize that there may need to be room for schedule adjustments, electronic failures, people from the past showing up and some difficulties getting your ideas across or an overabundance of words to get your ideas across. The real trick is learning to stay balanced, grounded and in your truth when all those things are to be juggled. If you look at the Mercury Retrograde experience from a higher perspective, as my guides do,  you will see that it is rather humorous what humans do when faced with some of the things I've described above, particularly with regard to allowing it to create drama in your life--the key is don't let it. (Fruitflys have been wreaking havoc in my house---the crazy thing is that I don't have fruit out/nor any other food out---I let the little buggers irritate me yesterday...an example of what my guides suggest we don't do! hahaha)

So much is happening and I am trying to keep the words to a minimum here, but you know me with a computer, blast of energy and major transformations--one never knows what is to come in this Energy Thoughts.

Venus is moving direct...OMG I am so happy!! This is real heart opening change moving us forward on our path.  I mean have you experienced any profound and deep heart openings over the last few months?  I know I certainly I have witnessed many it with people in my life, through clients to friends to strangers, and even my twinflame.  Yes, I haven't mentioned him much of late, but the truth is that he is always there and I am always loving him.  This beautiful man and I have not been in constant contact like we once were, but for good reason--transformation has truly begun in both our lives.  I have placed my focus, much of 2015, on healing my physical body as I have undergone some vast health issues (some of which you may be aware of due to the car accident and some you may not know about) suffice it to say that they have really impacted my ability to move forward, but that is quickly changing as well; while he, my beloved twinflame,he has brought his attention to where it needed, his life, to create the change he wants/needs.  Oh the divine plan!   So back to Venus moving direct ..relationships/relationships/relationships...the time has come for real change in relationships--the final curtain, so to speak, in relation as to what to do; and decisions will be made or at least put into action in the coming weeks/months. (read: the decisions have long been made, but the plan hadn't been fully executed because the little things that kept popping up as mentioned above got in the way.)   With Venus being retrograde, it has provided a tremendous opportunity for each of us to have heart openings. Did you notice that?   I've been performing Energy Body Upgrades and Alignments which are designed for helping you to be more in alignment with your soul's truth and highest good for your life plan.  And the last several have been really focused in the heart chakra clearing/updating/repairing it since May.   I asked my guides why?   

"Dear ones, the last eclipse season (was in April) placed each of you in a preparatory phase for the opening and healing of your heart chakras. The breaking down of your barriers and walls to love began shortly after, and since your heart has experienced a great deal of change.  The human heart is represented as love, but human earth love has been distorted for some time.  The result is that humans need to remember love and re-learn ways of experiencing it on the planet which for some may be quite difficult while others may have already begun that part of their journey.  Much of humanity has been stifled and unable to fully give or receive love due to the planetary constrictions placed upon it. EstaRa mentioned above with Venus moving Direct the focus for many will be on realigning themselves with regard to relationships, shifting them to meet the requirements of their soul's mission on this journey.  ~Galactic Federation of Light  (Read: Your soul will be guiding you for this one, if you allow it.  A readjustment to your life will follow as you listen to your soul/heart's truth.  You will either move out of a relationship that no longer works,  move into relationship with a higher frequency than you are used to or your current relationship will undergo several shifts and adjustments to raise it into a vibrational alignment.)

We finished the last Eclipse Sandwich, I mean season, around April and the shifting and openings began in May. During the last few months,   The Energy Body Upgrades were used to lessen the impact of the heart openings/transformation which could have been/was emotionally, mentally and physically painful.   (If you would like more information about the Energy Body Upgrades, please feel free to contact me.)

I, myself, feel as if my heart is more open than it has ever been--I attribute that to a few things--the tremendous healings I've been doing on myself, my daily routine of clearing and the fact that my beloved twinflame's heart is now open.  Click here for a little snippet specific for twinflames at this time.  With the planet Venus now moving direct you will see a sense of urgency within relationships; people will leave, clear up old agreements and refocus on love, the kind of love that most people have been taught to think doesn't exist--but it is dear human, it is! Expect vast, surprising changes happening all around you with regard to relationships.

I will stop here and once again, this Energy Thoughts will be broken down into two because there is so much information coming in fast and furious--and well there is so much happening on this planet at this time!

In love and light,
EstaRa April

Feel free to share this energy update as long as you give credit to me as the author.  EstaRa (April D’Amato). ©

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