Saturday, June 13, 2015

Energy Thoughts: Are You Ready to Embody?

Hello Beautiful Ones,

Havoc has been wreaked.  Life is being altered in this very moment of time.  Do you feel it? Have you argued or acted out in ways you haven't really done before? Has life seemed to get out of control the past weeks?   Do you feel like you are stuck in molasses at the same time a year's worth of stuff got jam-packed in a week?  And when I say stuff, I don't mean the easy kind--I mean the in your face, not going to let you go till you face it stuff.  Well, you are not alone and that is where we have been while Mercury was in Retrograde. My last Energy Update was when Mercury went into Retrograde.  I didn't have bad experiences per se, but the feeling of molasses under me; like I want to move forward, but not having the ability to move forward was definitely the theme of the days of Mercury Retrograde.

Now, the energy has shifted and the dust that has been kicked up will begin to settle if it hasn't already.  The last few days I have felt heaviness in the air, energy and major lack of motivation.  Do you know why?  I asked my higher self and guides this morning in meditation and they said that there are so many people in crisis, whether visibly outward crisis or an internal revamping crisis.  Does it really matter?  It is still an energy of crisis. This is a direct reflection of what has been transpiring over the last several weeks.  So what has been transpiring you ask? Well, the usual stuff with Mercury Retrogrades, communication break downs, electronic melt downs and the past coming up out of nowhere, but this Mercury Retrograde had a Saturn Retrograde that began in March and will continue until August of this year, can we say karma?  This time period is requiring due diligence in one's life, by way of thinking and being.  Have you experienced it?  Things/people/places showing up where you thought you moved past or didn't have to worry about anymore.

Add to what I just mentioned the following:  "This is the time when all timelines collide and you begin to see which one you would like to be on. Do you know what that means? It means that there are so many doors opening right now for all of you and you get to pick which one you will enter.  The doors represent opportunities past, future and present. Sounds exciting doesn't it? Well for some it does and for others  fear is breaking through--fear they will choose the wrong door, or even more, fear they will be required to make changes. What door/doors will you choose to step into? More of the same? And if you choose that, will it get you where your soul is guiding you? Or will your soul be knocking loudly on your choices prompting a deeper, more profound change?   Or will you take a giant leap forward? The life you have long held in your dreams awaits you--which step will you make?" --Arcturian Masters of Light

There is no need to fear this knowledge it is simply to help you see why you have felt hazy/dizzy/overwhelmed/unmotivated/anxious/fearful recently.  But  Mercury has moved direct and the energy has shifted as of yesterday morning when I woke up, did you feel it?   This move forward by Mercury lightens our load (but yep another planet goes retrograde today--Neptune--Piscean love-y, spiritual and fluidity comes in making it a little less clear to stay physical while Mercury moving forward it pulling you into 3D. A bit of a tug of war so to speak on our consciousness and focus.) We are in a place of new beginnings once again and next Tuesday, we will experience a new moon that will catapult us forward.    While in meditation this morning, I was sitting quietly in meditation when I received the message to not let others' struggles get me down--we are all here to experience something that we have put forth, but it is not advisable to jump into the proverbial "sinking boat" with them, rather it would benefit us to tug them along from the shore.  What does that mean?  It means we will do best to assist from a balanced place of detachment.

We needn't jump in Discern--Discern--Discern.   That is the theme during this time on the planet.  There is so much information out there and so much money to be made through the dissemination of
information on what is right, wrong or appropriate for you--but dear beautiful souls, only you know inside of you what resonates truly.  Listen to the stillness of your voice and your heart for then you can easily discern what is in your best interest. We ask you to step away from mass marketing and media for there is far too much that is not of the light, in essence, that influence is what keeps you from looking in, finding happiness and moving toward what/who it is you love. --Arcturian Masters of Light  emotionally/mentally/physically, but we can still help as long as we maintain our groundedness and our emotional/mental/physical well-being.  Sounds difficult ?  It is or it can be. It is just the opposite of what the prevailing energy has been on our planet.  We are all in on this together, but some of us have different lessons/journeys to travel through.  That accounts for the heaviness of energy that I was feeling for the last two days, of Mercury Retrograde, reflected much of what humanity is experiencing at this time.  We are so interconnected with one another (through collective consciousness)  that it is imperative that we discern what feelings are ours and what belongs to others.  The heaviness brought me to a place of not wanting to do anything--not wanting to leave my house, which is not a new phenomenon for me as this is how I experienced things pre-car accident.  (That means EstaRa is back!  Look out world I am here to accomplish several things:  Transform myself, Reunite with my twinflame, Anchor the high vibration of Love to Earth, Change the Frequency of the Planet...basically save the world and head back home. Is that too much to ask?  Well from the human physical perspective--yes, well, yes it has been, but with my renewed energy and my multi-dimensional abilities it shall be a piece of proverbial Cake.)    To navigate during this time of 3D earth changes, human changes, body changes and so on, it is imperative that we discern. 

As you can see my guides are emphasizing discernment and I totally agree with them.  Whatever resonates with you deep in your soul and bones--even if you do not know why then keep it and whatever doesn't and you don't know why, toss it aside. This is something I often repeat to my students and clients--any good teacher will.  It is helpful to remember, we are all working through the thick, heavy sludge that we call 3D, but don't forget there is far more than what the human eye can perceive that is why it is so important for you to look within.  If you have trouble doing that, then take the time to find a teacher who will share with you the beauty of your soul and help you navigate the longings of your heart. 

Another tool to help you maintain your calm and balance (read: sanity) during this time is to ground. I know I've said it thousands of times, but it is necessary to be anchored into Gaia to experience (read: endure) the physical earth changes taking place upon her. I know it sounds so passe for some to read "grounding, but that is the greatest tool to keep you safe and protected as you walk upon this planet.  She is not known as Mother Earth simply as a name--she is the energy of protection and nurturing--just as a mother's love should be.

Finally, stay hydrated with pure spring water or very purified clean water.  It will help you to move through the internal changes taking place in your body.

Over the next several weeks transformation is the key word in everyone's life whether they want you to know it or not.  There is a restlessness building and has been for awhile night--that restlessness will be quelled with the coming of the Solstice Alignment next weekend.  I'm hosting an event--join us as we align, anchor and balance the energy of the NEW HUMAN TEMPLATE within us and assist Mother Gaia with her transition forward. A reminder of the new human template: it is evolving into a love-centric, authentic, mind blowing miracle manifestor. Ask yourself today---are you ready to embody?

It is will love, honor and respect that I bring this message to you all.   I am here if you need support during this time or any other time, via in-person, phone of skype for individual sessions. Blessings to you.

Love and light,
EstaRa April

Feel free to share this energy update as long as you give credit to me as the author.  EstaRa (April D’Amato). ©

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